Been sick

Recovering from a week's of food poisonings. :(

Got my first case from last week's late dinner at Fat Boys Burgers in Publika.

Then went back to hometown to rest. And to paint.

And got the second episode from the chicken rice shop "He Ji" from Jonker street, Melaka. This time my mom joined me.

So began the nightly episodes of diarrhea, falling asleep on the toilet bowl and having a tummy that's so bloated it looked 4 months pregnant.

That was three days ago.

Diarrhea still going on. T_T

Albeit at a small quantity and frequency. Thank god.


On the hindsight, I finished my latest painting!!

It's my biggest at 30" x 72".

Will feature it here once I manage to get a proper photo of it. So far I only have camera phone quality photos.



2 kissed Nicole

  1. hi i'm Camilla, nice to meet you. please visit my blog n leave a comment. tq

  2. Hi Keep painting. You are the best.

    Regards, Cat