Beatrice Looi dress and Aldo killer heels

Just a quick update.

I'll be heading to Singapore with the rest of the bloggers to the Nuffnang Blog Awards tomorrow morning. So wish me luck. :)

I just picked up a dress from Beatrice Looi an hour ago from Bangsar Shopping Village.

beatrice looi
taken from their website.

I know I know, kinda last minute thing.

But I got them to custom fit me so I was picking it up at a late hour, minutes before they close.


On the other hand. Busted RM490 on a pair of ALDO super duper killer heels today.

It kinda looked like snake skin, but it's actually calf skin.

Won't show you any photo yet, it's a surprise for those of you who are going.

For those who are not attending, well, you'll just have to wait for my blog post. LOL


Wanted to insert a bit of facts about my Blackberry and its plan. Since couple of readers have been pestering me about getting a Blackberry ever since I got mine.

all the accessories and phone

Muahahaha! *poison you* Blackberry is awesome.

If you want to know more registering your Blackberry with the Telco plan in Malaysia. Here are a few facts. You can either purchase a Blackberry package from Hotlink, Maxis (postpaid) or Xpax.

For prepaid users, if you already have a Blackberry and you want to register with Hotlink, it's not possible to do so with Hotlink; however, it is totally feasible if you want to do that with Xpax, whether you purchase your BB from them or not.

I read that you may only subscribe to Hotlink weekly plan if your purchase Blackberry Gemini from them, which in turn is most likely out of stock. Is that true?

I already have a postpaid phone of my own, so I rather use prepaid with my current Blackberry. It's cheap to have RM1 unlimited data per day too. :)


PS// will show you my new Blackberry skin in my next post. :D :D ciao ciao


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Hope you win, but I'll vote Redmummy..

  2. Hi Nicole,
    New to your blog but! Wooh, I envy you, wish I could live on the go, been around the world but not as often as I would like to travel. Keep doing your thing, I guess I'll travel vicariously through blogspot.

  3. 'proudly sponsored by Maxis...'

  4. You gotta me kidding me?? RM 490 for Aldo? Aldo has the worst quality shoes here in Canada. Last time i bought an Aldo was like 10 years ago?

  5. Melinda Looi is my high school senior. Just random lol.

  6. Nov 11 at Ho Chin Minh city? go nicole go!