This Site is a Marketplace for All Your Interior Design Solutions is an online marketplace for everything related to interior design work in Malaysia. You can find an interior designer (or several) here to renovate your perfect dream house, office, retail space or restaurant. Or if you’re an interior designer or architect, post your work here and have customers come to you.

Dream living room?

After spending a month in London and watching my friend transform his backyard into this spectacular cozy garden with gorgeous tiles, perfectly laid grass and a deck for weekend BBQ, I have been dreaming about my own personal home projects.

While I don’t have my own garden in my too small condominium, I do have a living room that’s screaming to be renovated. It’s really a pity to leave it the way it is because my place comes with a very pretty floor-to-ceiling window and the current state of my living space just doesn’t do it justice. (Photos of my top 4 living space designs posted below)

Be warned though, looking through will have you drool for homes that you might only be able to afford in your next life. Don’t worry; it doesn’t take away the fun of curating and envisioning the cozy apartment you could create within your budget range. As their slogan stated it aptly: don’t wait for your dream home, create it.

With 1300 listed interior designers on the site, you know you won’t run out of choices; and with more than 422k monthly users on, you can be assured that this marketplace is legit.

How to use

Step 1: Find Your Interior Designer  

You can do this by either browsing through projects of listed interior designers or go through their ideas page.

You can read up on expert tips to get an idea where or how to start creating your space.

Step 2: Decide on a Budget and Pick A Date

This is crucial so your ID guy know how to work around your price range and if the duration and dates you propose can be met. These data are to be filled in in Step 3.

Step 3: Request a quote

After finding your preferred interior designer, you can then click on the button on the right and request for a quotation. You will be asked a few questions like the type and size of the place you wish to renovate, the duration and date you wish to have the renovation carried out, and so on. Once done, just wait for your quotation/response (check your email).

Or if you prefer to have people come to you, then simply post a general request /lead to You can do this via LIVE CHAT on their homepage.

After spending two hours on the site, I have narrowed down my top 4 favourite living space designs.

I am a fan of contemporary design, it's practical for everyday living. And this came pretty close to being my favourite other than the fact it's a little dark for my taste. 

The water feature outdoor definitely helped with the visual appeal of this space but I adore the TV wall built here. 

While I normally don't prefer rustic country style décor in my own house, I can't seem to resist the design of this living space; it's such a pleasure to look at. It definitely makes for a fantastic weekend BnB stay. 

 And my favourite design,

It's cozy, it's cute, it's modern, and it's practical and visually pleasing all at once. It looks grand even though it doesn't have a big space. 

So I looked up the ID company and found that their pricing is rather reasonable (a.k.a. cheaper) compared to the other designers listed on the site.

Portfolio of the interior design company I pick. You can look through the work and info of an individual interior designer before asking for a quote. 

Guess the next thing I have to do now is to request for a quotation.

As for you, have fun browsing for your perfect home. social media links:



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