SK-II Mid-Day & Mid-Night Miracle Essence

Sk-II mid-day miracle essence

Wanted to write this earlier but I've been ill for a week now. Yesterday felt better so decided to take few more photos with my newly received Miracle Essence.

Initially I thought it was a new type of day and night serum by SK-II. Only to find out it's a day and night facial mists (with Pitera as the main ingredient) after reading a few of my friends reviews. Cool!

Sk-II miracle essence

I love facial mists! But I don't spray a lot of them (even though I do own quite a few of them) mainly because I don't like fragrances on products I put on my face unless they're natural scents from ginseng or lavender. I used to travel a lot so plane rides dehydrates my face A LOT so I'd always bring a bottle with me in my bag whenever I board a plane. Nowadays because I stay inside an aircond room all the time, it's always something nice to have at the working desk.

What I have always loved about SK-II is that all their products are fragrance-free.

Sk-II miracle essence
sick face lol

The Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence can penetrate through make-up and can be used throughout the day, spray up to 5 times a day. The Mid-Night version has a cooling effect which can be refreshing in the evening when your face is tired. Both contains Sodium PCA which helps binds water within skin tissue to lock in moisture.


Sk-II mid-day miracle essence

Verdict: Face feels instantly hydrated and refreshed. It gets absorbed pretty fast after spraying and doesn't leave any sticky feeling even with make up on. I'd give it a 10/10 as far as facial mists go.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence 50ml        RM232
SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence 50ml      RM232


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