Skin Inc

I'm a HUGE sucker for packaging and good marketing. The first time I first knew about Skin Inc was through the many shares on Instagrams from various celebrities I follow. They were attending this massive Skin Inc launch in Singapore and looking at what people wrote and posted about the products, I was intrigued.

Then I went to a afternoon tea press event in Maison Francaise, KL and got to the know the products more. I fell in love with all the colors and the cute beads inside the serums and loved the concept, the effect the serum had on my skin (it was instantaneous) and especially love the sleeping mask.

The idea was to be able to customize your very own serum suited to your skin. There are 9 types of serums, each to their own functions such as hydration, repair, anti-aging, fight acnes, vitamin C, etc. If you're not sure you can always take the skin test on their site to know which products you should use.

The ultimate testimonial was when I met the 40 year old Singaporean CEO and founder of Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan (yay to Tan family!) to be this absolutely FIT and GORGEOUS trendy fashionable woman whom I would not have been able to guess her age.

Her face was so FLAWLESS! She claimed she used all 7 types of serums as her daily routine. Here's a photo I got off from Google Images.

O.M.G right?!

Though I walked away with a door gift. I thought my wallet's gonna pecah (break) because I'm definitely getting a few more to add to my serum bottle. Am contemplating to get the Superstar Holiday gift set since it has the sleeping mask I wanted, together with the revival peel, the set sells at RM313 for a RM415.30 worth of products. (will include photo of gift set below)

Each 10ml serum is priced at RM154. Get a set that comes with pre-selected three bottles of 10ml serums and 30ml mixer bottle; or choose a mixer bottle with the color of your choice and buy the individual serum bottles and combine.

Skin Inc is available at Sephora outlets in Malaysia.


Superstar Holiday Gift Set

My haul


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