SK-II Limited Edition Festive Collection

Finally got my hands on the new festive collection by SK-II. They always have a prettiest looking bottles for a skincare brand that it's such a shame I have to throw them out every time I finished using them.

It's that or I would have filled the toilet floor with bottles upon bottles of emptied SK-II products. But these bottles are so pretty I'd have a hard time using them. -_-

I don't think I can ever get enough of their FTE (Facial Treatment Essence). They're kinda pricey but I have never been able to find a replacement or anything better so I stuck with this brand and use it as a toner for the past 7 years now, admittedly, on and off. Since there were days when I couldn't afford it so I would use it little by little and switching it with other brands between bottles. But eventually I'd always come back to this. (I also almost always come back to their Signature Stempower as a moisturiser too)

75ml FTE. I bring this with me wherever I travel.

It has occurred to me that with age and wisdom I have grown to be more selective with my products and thus spending less and less on rubbish and more on the selected few premium items that I consistently use. I no longer splurge on budget clothings or shoes when I travel to Thailand or China, or even on drug store cosmetic products simply because they looked so pretty only to use the once and leave them forever in my drawer.

I still splurge, no doubt. Perhaps more tenaciously than in my youth, unfortunately. And on quality products which, more often than not, were more expensive as well. And I use them. So it's not really a waste and I'm treating myself and my skin right.

Perhaps it is time that I use these babies as a mask. Pour them onto a cotton pad till it's soaked through and then place them on my face for a deep treatment. What a sinful splurge which I'm sure my face will appreciate. Feeling giddy just thinking about it.

from left to right: Green Cypress, Red Tulips, Purple Hydrangea, Yellow Freesia

The Revival Deluxe Set is priced at RM1,094. 

I got the Miracle in A Bottle set at RM565.

For more info do go to your nearest SK-II outlet.
The talent behind the work of art is a young artist from Taiwan named Po-Chih Huang, who won the grand prize at the 2013 Taipei Art Awards. 


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