My Valentine's Gifts - Heart Shape Necklace and Heart Shape Starbucks Card

As years go by it has become less and less significant to celebrate special days: birthdays, Halloween, anniversaries, and Valentine's day.

I'm not sure if I'm getting boring or older. -.-

Part of me felt I could still get excited over these celebrations if I inject some passion into my life. Or maybe if I have an enthusiastic partner who share the same passion as I once did for all these special days. But then people change and so did lifestyles.

So it's in a way really sweet to still receive some special Valentine's gifts this year. Unexpected gifts are always the most welcomed.

I receive this sweet sterling silver Valentine's necklace from Ollie Jewellery.

Love the packaging

The Two Hearts Pendant is super cute, very refined and delicate. Shiny and not cheap looking at all. The pendant is only priced at RM65 at the moment, a further RM20 discount from its original price.

If you're looking to buy some last minute Valentine's gift for your love ones and girlfriends, consider buying from Ollie Jewellery. They even ship free for anything above RM100. And isn't silver all the rave at the moment. Honestly,  it's really affordable for the quality you're buying considering how much more the market is charging for silver jewelleries these days.

Speaking of heart shape item, I'm really physced about receiving this year's Valentine's edition Starbucks card. It's literally heart shaped and it's small and comes with a hole so you can attach it to your keys.

They have four designs and the quote "I [HEART] YOU" is sold out in most branches. You would have to top up a minimum of RM100 for each card so getting all four of them was way too expensive. I was looking for it in various branches when I received this as a gift. Thank you xoxo!

Last I checked Plaza Mont Kiara's Starbucks still has some stock of "I [HEART] YOU" cards left. No, Starbucks didn't give me anything to write this, I just like collecting some of their seasonal cards. 


3 kissed Nicole

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  2. Your idea of Valentine's Gifts - Heart Shape Necklace and Heart Shape Starbucks Card seems really great. Hope I have seen this before the Valentines day.

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