Welcoming the New Year 2018 in Shanghai

Shanghai was a nice getaway from everything back home. It provided solitude in a foreign territory, away from everything I knew. The feelings was still raw, but somehow the distance helped, and the absence of constant physical reminders helped. The nights in the spacious hotel room, however emotional, were therapeutic in a certain way. It reminded me of a time I used to travel, just my thoughts and I, disconnected from the life back home.

The modern city provided enough distractions in the day time and occasionally in the night time. I strolled the tourist hot spots that were crowded by local tourists from other parts of China, stood in queue at popular eateries, fought through the wave of crowds in Yu Yuan, and walked the evening streets of central Shanghai city.

On my last night I visited a well reviewed speakeasy bar "Speak Low" and had a great chat with a Japanese bartender while I watched as he prepared cocktail after cocktail. The drinks were expensive, but wonderfully crafted; paired with good company, it was an enjoyable an evening. It's been a while since I've enjoyed anything at all.

I have already dyed my hair dark at Hareta, I thought the vibrant colours didn't reflect what I've been feeling inside, being a brunette suits me better now. Despite the growing length, it was a lot more manageable than being a blonde; my hair hasn't felt healthier in years.


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