Essence Cosmetics

Note: I'm not paid to write this. 

So I went on a shopping spree on the persuasion of a close friend who has been raving about Essence products lately. One of the top drug-store cosmetic brands in Europe. 


I have to say, I don't recall purchasing this many things with such a budget, ever.
Usually a grand or two would only get me 4-5 pieces of clothings with some bags, 
this was exceeding 100 items.
(115 to be exact)


Said outlet was located in Watson, Sg Wang, I made sure they had a restock before I went there to make my purchase. All because of this limited edition collection they have: Circus Circus.

Some of my girlfriends have gone and apparently it was always out of stock, I heard the limited edition changes every three months so I wiped the shelves clean. :p


The Circus Circus fragrances was really cheap at RM35 only, and it's a really pretty present to give a girlfriend. I'm giving the other two bottles to my friends. And the nail polish were really cute (the tubes with two ends of polish).


lip gloss


Got home, sat on the floor and excitedly arranged all my purchases neatly so I could snap some photos to send to my girlfriends; since they have whatsapp photos of their haul.

Lo and behold~
RM1500-ish of cosmetics.





I'm quite crazy about their french manicure range. The guided tip sticker was a genius idea and the white tip painter was even more brilliant. Might blog about that when I have used them.


On the same day I immediately tried the Circus Circus nail polish and was quite impressed by how good a RM13.90 bottle of nail polish looked on my nail. I had a coat of the red lacquer followed by a coat of glitter. No top or base coat required.

It's actually quite smooth, the seemingly rough reflection surface was merely the tiny glitters coating. 

What do you think? 
Do you prefer red or french manicure? 


14 kissed Nicole

  1. Aaaaahhh.. I'm drooling... @.@ I want it too...

    1. since it's drug store cosmetic, they're actually really cheap and very affordable. you should get some.

  2. Eh... I thought you bought Essence from Europe. I didn't know Malaysia already have Essence!

  3. Ah The Circus Circus stuff looks so cute, I don't think we've gotten it yet here in Canada..unless I missed it, but if it does I definitely wanna try some stuff after seeing this

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  5. omg you're so lucky! I want makeup just as much as that!!

  6. Hey, how much is the cream eyeshadow and the highlight powder and eyebrow set? Pls tell me. thanks.

  7. Oh my god! So jelly! Haha

  8. You got more Essence products in 1 day, than I have now! 8D
    *jelly allert* XD
    Some of them are good! but are others... not really worth the money! :\

  9. Do you know where I can buy Essence Cosmetics in Europe? I see they have a new "Cinderella" product. I really want it but there's no Essence store at my hometown (Jakarta). I'm going to go to Europe for my summer holiday. I hope i can buy those at Europe.