Manila Now. KL Tomorrow.

Just landed in Manila few hours ago. Will be flying back to KL tomorrow. I can't wait. It's been a great trip.
I actually blogged a short post about the trip, but turned out there's something wrong with all the internet wifi connection in Manila, or at least in this mega huge mall. It's so hard to find a decent speedy working internet these days. Sigh.

I finally settled in McDonald, after trying out at Starbucks, Seattle's Best and Coffee Bean. But then there was problem with uploading the photos to the internet. Dang it.

Tomorrow I will post the post. In the mean time, just to check in to tell you I'm alive, and I've been surviving on Gossip Girls eps before bedtime, and lots of great fun in the day time.

Toodles! Till tomorrow. But don't wait, I have a very late flight, and I think this airline has a reputation for delaying flights. -.- 


3 kissed Nicole

  1. glad you enjoyed your ph dive trip. sort of making me miss ph again .... great place to dive (minus of the other - - - ). Looking forward to reading abt your dive trip's blog. Have a safe trip back


  2. I hated Manila. The whole time I stayed in the hotel

  3. The delay flights is because NAIA has only one runway so there is a lot of air traffic.

    For the net connection, it just so happen that the PLDT (the main telecommunication company in the Philippines) is fixing things so all net connection is slow.

    Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed your stay here in the country.:)