Sandwich Art

no11 (888)3x8x24
Acrylic on Canvas
3x 8"x24"

What do you think?
Yes this artist is still alive and kicking and active. In case you haven't been seeing any new paintings appearing on my blog lately, doesn't mean I haven't been painting.

I was commissioned this piece over the CNY and had just delivered the painting to the buyer last week, or was it two weeks ago?

I had the permission to publish this so I did.

I was going to name it "Sandwich" but then I thought a more generic name would seem fit since the buyer was buying it for a new home. Good for him.

So I decided to call it "888" and may the new home bring him more prosperity and luck, and money. :)

If you're interested to commission a piece with me. Please send an enquiry to for a quotation.


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