Before After Filter & Bon Ton

As the random as the title sounds, yes, this is the post that consists of my past instragram photos.

Apparently it's becoming popular these days because bloggers are getting lazier and lazier to blog, uprise the use of camera phones. Yay~

A car from Bon Ton restaurant in Langkawi

Since this photo has been taken, I have dined at Bon Ton a couple more times and loved every single visit. The 200 over cats all over the resort and restaurants, the wonderful steak, and the serene kampung style ambience.


It has almost become a must-visit every time I make a trip to Langkawi. 'Almost', because I didn't want to ruin it so I decided to skip going there on my last visit last month with my girls.

Sunset view.

lip-biting look.

I spotted my first love (that first bottle of wine) in a duty free shop in Langkawi. First loveS...

All four of them.

Saw this painting in the Galeria, still talking about Langkawi, and totally fell in love with it.

RM10,000 worth.

If I could, I would. It would look so nice in my bedroom. Le sigh~

Trying to capture the real color of flash-side-snapping with my phone.

Lastly, the customary camwhore photos on the bed.


Sometimes I love the effect of a filter so much I get torned between choosing a non filter photo and one with filter. Damn instagram for making life difficult. SO MANY FILTERS!

This is without any filter.

This is with filter.

What do you prefer in your own photos? Filter, or no?


5 kissed Nicole

  1. I prefer photos taken without filters. But sometimes filters with the right color and lighting can make a photo look artsy! By the way with your flawless complexion you look pretty with or without filters. :)

  2. In this example, your unfiltered photo looks best as you look brighter, sharper, and more realistic. Which fits this particular pose better IMO.

  3. Unfiltered definitely as it gives the true natural look. Filtered has that unatural and 'touched up'look!

  4. I bet that car purrs beautifully.