I Tried On Kim Kardashian's Waist Trainer Belt For A Week

It was around December of 2016, two weeks short of my trip to Hokkaido that I injured my back during a period of daily workouts without rest.

I didn't have professional assistance, and I didn't feel that I was pushing myself too hard, but there it was, the nagging pain that was increasing in intensity day to day. Then one day I wasn't able to get off the bed without cringing at the sharp pain that was hugging my back.

It was two weeks to my yearly snowboarding trip, the one trip I looked forward to the entire year. The chance of me hitting the slope was looking dim. I was so disappointed and angry with myself.

I ceased all workout immediately. I rested most of the days, hoping the rest time could accelerate my healing. No such luck. It was this time a waist trimming belt was presented to me. Initially I laughed at the thought, I didn't need a tinier waist, I need wolverine's healing power!

But a second look made me reconsider. It was not just a waist trimming tool, it was a back support, a posture control belt and physio-muscle injury aid. Immediately I wrote in and received a Waist Trainer and Back Braces couple of days before my flight to Japan.

Day 1:
Putting on the waist trainer/trimming belt was easy. After strapping myself in, I stood up. The pain, it wasn't there, I didn't feel any pain standing up!
I bent myself backward, nope, nothing. I bent myself sideways, oh wait, I felt it.
I re-strapped the waist trainer, making it tighter this time. Bent sideways as much as the support would allow, nothing.
Success! I can finally heal without aggravating my injury even with daily activities.

Day 2:
My next few days has been rather routine where I wore the waist trainer to sleep, when I wake up, when I eat, sit in front of the computer, even when I go out. It's hardly noticeable when I wear it under my normal clothes. The only problem I had was taking it off to go into the shower. The pain returned instantly the moment I peel off the final strap on the belt, feeling my torn muscles kicking into action to support my upper body.

Day 3:
I have been walking straighter, my posture perfect when I was seated. With the waist trainer I could still slouch but it would take a bit more effort. If I were to switch to the full back support gear, then slouching was not even a possibility and with this I could perform more active activity. Was snowboarding a possibility with this gear? With this thought, I boarded the plan to Japan for my 3 weeks holiday. The flight was uncomfortable even with the belt, sitting long hours in a less than comfortable position was proving a challenge for my back. I changed out of the belt and into the back braces for full back support mid-flight and felt okay again. But when I arrived Tokyo, the shoulder strap was eating into my shoulders it was hurting.

Day 4:
Went online to research about my pain and discovered that it would take me 2-3 months before my pain would completely go away and my injury fully healed. Feeling frustrated but also extremely glad that I had the gears to help me through this phase. Looking forward to my Hokkaido trip a bit more and with less disappointment. I was able to walk around Tokyo today with much ease, feeling a bit tired in the back by the 3rd hour in Ginza and had to rest.

Day 5:
My tummy felt tighter and flatter. I rarely feel real hunger even though I would still eat like normal (out of habit or appetite, not sure). There was once I heard my stomach rumbled which was a weird feeling because I didn't think I was actually hungry. The tightness of the belt made me less conscious of the going-ons in my tummy.

Day 6:
Boarded a flight to Hokkaido leaving Tokyo behind. It was more comfortable this time both during the flight and the bus journey to Niseko. I was wearing the belt/waist trainer.

Day 7:
Woke up. Changed into the full back braces, put on my snowboard gear and headed for the slope.
I took it easy the first day, mostly out of my own fear that I would injure it further. Made some easy slides and called it a day. I still have weeks to go so I reckon I would take it easy. Oh, and my pants felt really comfortable, usually it would be a little tight against my tummy, but it actually felt that it was sitting comfortably beside my tummy. Nice.


I've been really really happy with both of waist trainer and the back braces. They came to my aid when I needed a solution to my pain just in time and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Jonlivia a million times. I actually stopped wearing both the belt and the braces a week into the trip because I was feeling so much better and the pain was going away.

That's happy me on the slope


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