Unemotional Birthday 2017

"This is the first birthday you're not emotional in the last 8 years"
he said.  

I pondered that for a while. Really? Every single year? 

he assured me. 

 I guess it comes natural being a Pisces. I'm just a being filled with jelly and nonsensical emotional baloney. My mind is programmed to wander, more often to dark looming thoughts. 

It is possible planning for a trip this week helped eliminate excess time for said brain to go on a promenade. The birthday surprise with my close group of friends was definitely a first, I'd assumed the notion of surprise events has expired on me passed a certain age, apparently not. You're never too old for surprise birthday parties, the bar will be set high for next year, and every year after, 
I'm doomed. 

It's also the first time I receive a pretty birthday cake. You're never too old for pretty birthday cakes. Stop setting high expectation, brain. 

It's 24 hours till my flight out for my grand birthday trip, to the most mysterious dream destination of a lifetime for a history freak - Egypt. 
2017 is proving to be spoiling me fast and hard early on. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm not a fan of mediterranean food so it's not all paradise and fantasy-like. I heard the traffic's atrocious, and people will try to swindle your money whenever possible. Oh, who am I kidding? King Tut I have been dreaming about your tomb for more than a decade, and diving in the red sea? My dive log is the first to be packed, and my luggage is still pretty empty. It's going to difficult to decide what clothes to pack for Egypt. How do you dress for the dessert? I don't own anything that remotely resembles the assembles in Sex and the City 2. A quick google search shows me head covering scarf is the general choice of fashion there. Along with robes. Do I own a robe? 
This is going to be tough. 

And there's Logan, I really want to watch Logan. It will be taken down by the time I get back, and I'm contemplating to make it to the cinema tomorrow instead of packing my stuff.
Priority, Nicole. Tsk.

And I need to book my domestic flights. Gosh. So much to do. Ok time for bed. One thing at a time, and Logan somewhere in between. 


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