The New Improved R.N.A. Power by SK-II

Being avid fan of SK-II I have tried their most popular moisturiser for the longest time.
However at the time I started realising and religiously using their range of anti-aging line, it was starting from their Signature range.

Then couple of years down they upgraded to Stempower. I remember receiving this range back in 2013 and was loving the new improved formula. Read review here.

In 2015, they yet again launched a new formula for this range and it is called the R.N.A. Power. I was a little sceptical, being a creature of habit, I don't often welcome changes, especially with skincare products that I have used and liked.

SK-II R.N.A. Power

When I received a lovely box of the latest R.N.A. Power and R.N.A Power Essence from SK-II, I was both a little anxious and excited.

SK-II R.N.A. Power

SK-II R.N.A. Power

SK-II R.N.A. Power

I decided to try it out immediately.

and WOW was I wowed.

My first impression was the R.N.A. Power has oilier texture than both the Stempower and the Signature, which I didn't mind since I do use face oil. The cream was absorbed fairly fast and it seemed to 'set' on my skin.

After 10 minutes, my face has never felt smoother! Like a moisturising protection layer has literally set on top of my skin. The essence has a similar protection layer effect but compare between skins with just the moisturiser and the essence, I could feel the essence provides a thinner layer. Both products give off a hint of refreshing green tea scent.

Verdict: Very moisturising. Amazing after-effect result. I feel their anti-aging product is, finally, really suited to age range 30 and above. Not a fan of green tea scent but the fragrance was mild so it didn't bother me. Overall, I'm impressed.

Good job SK-II.

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