Minimalist Approach - decluttering my life

Violet blue hair

In the recent months I have started a new approach in life where I got rid of a lot of unnecessary things in my life. Even in diet.

It all began at the beginning of year where I cut off junk food and red meat, it was meant to be my new year resolution, but half a year in I decided to cut off meat altogether, paired with many years no carbonated drinks and artificial juice rule, lowered my consumption of starbucks by a good 90%. I am now a full pescetarian.

Before you start something new, you would have to throw out old things. My new embrace to minimalism meant I have to make space for my new lifestyle. Decluttering was key and anything that has not been in use for the past one year should leave. One glance around the house told me one thing... I have TOO MUCH junk (don't get me started on social decluttering).

First it was facebook, then it was preloved app, I began getting rid of things by selling them through various channels. I could have pack up all stuff and dump them all into the donation box. But I wasn't raised to throw things, and being a sentimental person, I have way too many sentimental items. If I had to get rid of things, I make sure these items leave with dignity, and with a price, however small, so I'd know some actual use and appreciation would come out of them when they reach a new owner.

Decluttering is a full time job. I spent a good month posting a lot of things online and RM2000 of items sold and I'm not even 10% down. But it's a good start, and I have foreseen this to take one year before I manage to clear off the things I wish to clear. They ranged from my teddy bears to accessories to designer bags. Everything I'm not using has to go. And those items not sold will be packed up in one bundle and they go to charity.

The biggest item I have gotten rid of, so far, is my car.

It's a big commitment and a big decision I've made, and perhaps the easiest one. I decided over a weekend that I didn't need a car, but it took a further two months to persuade those close ones around me. Their stand? It's for when I needed it 'just in case'.  Well that's an expensive liability to own for a 'just in case' scenario, I argued. And with all the available services we have these days: uber, grabcar, myteksi, buses, planes (I avoid trains to the best I could in KL), there's nothing you can't solve a 'just in case' with a little bit of money, versus the financial commitment you have to deal with owning a vehicle.

After months of abandonment, my car broke down in the parking basement and my family cave in and we got rid of the car over one weekend. Done.

Next was my fashion, my everyday dressing.
This was also easy, after years of mix and matching the abundance of clothes I have to come out with one decent outfit for the day, I have narrowed my daily wear to two colors: black and white (but mainly white), and to particular one style. Why? Because regardless of whatever hair color I have, white is the most versatile color to pair with at all times.  I started selling my designer dressses, first a Juicy Couture number, then a designer cocktail dress. This section was, is, difficult for me to let go; and I might not get rid of all of them, afterall, it has taken me such a long time and a lot of money to collect them; but those that are not worn over two years, I will get rid of.

Violet blue hair

With each item gone, I feel more and more liberated. Let's hope total freedom isn't too far off now.


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  1. isnt it cheaper to own a car than to take cabs?