How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Violet blue hair

You spent a fortune at the salon getting that crazy intense color you wanted after a long decision.
After spending 5 hours at the salon, you walked out with a head of glorious, perfectly blown awesome pink, lilac, red, blue, turquoise, silver, etc, hair.

You come home, wash your hair two days later and your beautiful vibrant color disappears.
Fades into a sad washed-up grey/orange/dirty yellow hue.


It doesn't have to be that way. I colored my hair vibrant blue three weeks ago and today the color still shows, no touch ups!
In fact my tips DO NOT require those expensive and complicated color enhancing or preserving shampoo. Especially when it is difficult to obtain those products in many countries.

Three weeks ago:
Violet blue hair
My latest hair color - two-tone violet and blue ombre.
Outdoor shot

Violet blue hair
Indoor shot.

Blue hair
indoor, under sunlight

Blue hair
indoor, away from sunlight

The blue has faded a little but it is hardly noticeable.

Here are my tips.

1. Pick a Trusted Salon. 

This sounds like a no-brainer but believe me, just because a salon is expensive and well-known doesn't mean they know what they are doing when it comes to achieving out-of-the-norm hairstyles. And even if they have the portfolios, not all their stylists can create fantastic results. Do your research, go through several stylists and salons before you decide on one that you trust.

I once paid over RM700 for a bright ash-grey hair makeover at a local big franchise popular salon chain only to receive a sad DARK color hair with a hint of ash. Even after they offered me a re-do two weeks later, it still didn't come out the way I had hoped for (not even close).

Now I only visit Sunny at Hareta Hair Studio, located at desa sri hartamas for my hair. Not only he could give me the color I want (while protecting my hair at the same time), he did it at almost half the price.

Before and after blue hair
4 weeks ago, pure navy blue

2. Dry Shampoo

Let's be honest. The best way to maintain your bright hair color is to never wash your hair. But our hair follicles oil up, dust and dirt compile, and dandruff buildup means you have to wash your hair eventually.

However, you can try to reduce the frequency of your hair wash. Instead of every 2-3 days hair wash, make it 4-5 days a hair wash instead (my record was 7 days and it only happened once). Apply dry shampoo and massage into your scalp will help extend the days.

Less sweating helps too. Which means do less activities that will cause sweat.
If you're washing your face, tie a head band to keep your hair away from face and water.

3. No Swimming

Basically no touching water other than the necessary hair wash you need to have. If you are keen to maintain that beautiful pink in your hair for a much longer time, forget beach holidays and pool time. Chlorine and salt will bleach out your hair color.

The journey of my hair
Bye beach. See you when my hair color fades away

4. Cold Water

This is crucial.
Wash your hair with COLD WATER. Warm or hot water will fade your color really fast. If you can't handle cold shower, you can opt to wash your hair and body separately, or visit a salon to do the job.

I wash my hair at Hareta every single time.
It's really affordable at only RM20 per wash + blow + curl when you get a package (RM100 for 5 washes).

I don't even curl my own hair anymore. Saves me time and money to buy new shampoos, conditioners and hair spray.

5. Curl Hair Using Low Heat

This only applies to those who curl or iron their hair. Always set with lower heat setting so not to damage the hair and hair color as much. If you do it in a salon, remember to request lower heat setting. Same goes with hair washing. Don't be shy to make a request and don't expect everyone to know what they are doing.

Have fun coloring your hair!!

Violet blue hair

Violet blue hair

Violet blue hair

Violet blue hair

Violet blue hair


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