L'occitane Supple Skin Oil and Tonic Body Oil Review

Last year December I tried my first body oil and fell in love, it instantly replaced my love for body lotion. No joke, I have enough lotion to last years.

After finding out that L'occitane has almond body oils, where just so happens I was realllllly into almond skincare products, I felt that this was destiny; so I got my hands on these two items: Almond Supple Skin Oil and Almond Tonic Body Oil.

Initially I wanted to just get the Almond Tonic Body Oil since I have a lot of cellulite that I want to massage away everyday and exercising wasn't enough. Toning it with oil sounds like the next best thing, then I read the reviews on their websites written by customers that the Almond Supple Skin Oil was better at removing stretch marks and cellulite. I spent like an hour reading between the two items and their respective reviews and contemplated for a long time. In the end I got both anyways. LOL.
Verdict: if you're in a dilemma between the purchase of two items, get both.

Was also given the travel kit of the Almond series. SUPER LOVE!
Contains: Almond Milk Concentrate, Almond Shower Oil, Almond Supple Skin Oil & Almond Delicious Hands

I made sure I tried out the body oil for 2 months before writing this. First separately for two weeks each, then together for the whole month.
Perhaps the most accurate review I'll ever make for any skincare product. lol. I'm also down 2/3 of both bottles, so I probably have one month of usage left.

Duration of usage: 3 months if used generously. 1-3 sprays each section (3 on tummy and thigh, 2 on calves, 1 on arm)

Almond Supple Skin Oil has longer lasting moisturising effect, and take less effort to apply on compared to normal lotion. It gets absorbed by the skin almost instantly, which made it a pleasure to apply on. Save time too! It's true that the effect on reducing cellulite is more obvious than the Tonic Body Oil.

However, Tonic Body Oil has more tightening feel on your skin, especially around looser areas like the tummy and thighs (pardon me for my lack of tout stomach T___T ). It's not as smooth as the Supple Skin Oil but it gets absorbed even faster by the skin!

Using them both together has been my usual routine now. I use Body Tonic Oil on my tummy and thighs and Supple Skin Oil on my more exposed areas like arms, calves and shoulders; which can be drier since I stay in air-conditioned environment all the time.

So yep, if you're interested in their products do check out their website, they ship locally within Malaysia.

Almond Body Tonic Oil (100ml) - RM198
Almond Supply Skin Oil (100ml) - RM187

Check out their facebook for promo updates too.


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