March Events: Godiva, Fashion Culture and Britney Spears

Lots of things happened in March for me.

First of all, it was my birthday month. So a bunch of friends and I went up to Cameron Highland and rented a bungalow and spend a really great weekend there. Most partying, drinking, and lazing on the cool grass under shades of big trees doing various things like eating, napping, listening to music and chatting.

Hilltop bungalow. Home for the weekend. #cameronhighland #travel #malaysia #tanahrata #holiday #weekend #getaway
Will talk about that in the next post since there are a lot of photos for that.

I also got a pair of Melissa shoes for the trip as a birthday gift. Been looking for a sturdy pair of walking shoes that I could wear every single day without them wearing out in a few months time. Rubber soles was the answer and Crocs is just too ugly.

Mad love my birthday present. #Melissashoes by #JasonWu. #love #birthday #present #melissa #gift

Then it was the anniversary month when I got Godiva, my most beloved hamster.

Godiva having a slice of coconut. All while imagining holidaying in Hawaii. #hamster #wintergold #dwarfhamster #hammie #cutenessoverload

I loved her to bits. She travelled with me almost everywhere, even to Cameron Highlands. And the thing about her was that she's the most obedient and greedy little cute furball. Once she got out of her dome (she lived in this pink dome Habitrail hamster house that's supposed to resemble her natural habitat) and I called out her name, panicking I would have to search for her everywhere. But instead she just turned up, basically crawled out from underneath the bed and stood on two feet and looked at me, waiting for me to pick her up and put her back in her dome. Where got hamster so obedient one?!

The reason I used past tense here was because Godiva died shortly after, later in the month of March. Due to heat stroke, and I have never stopped blaming myself for my negligence. I cried my eyes out holding her limp body in my palms asking for her forgiveness. I don't think I could ever have another hamster and feel the same way again.

My adorable little hammie. Godiva's such a crowd teaser with the kids during #chinesenewyear. #cny

I love you Godiva. You always hold a special place in my heart. She was buried in a pretty box next to the pool hidden among some palm trees, so she would feel that she's always on a holiday.

In March I did a bit of shopping spree for the house because I needed space to arrange all the junk, stationeries and misc stuff around the house.

Looking at some racks. Need more storage space for the house. #ikea #racks #furniture #interiordesign

So I bought a drawer and a giant rack (not the one in the photo) from Ikea along with some massive plastic boxes and medium size cardboard boxes. Those things don't come cheap. If my mom knew how much I spent on plastic and cardboard box to store my junk she would nag me to Timbuktu. eek*

Earlier in Feb I received this valentine parcel from Fashion Culture (a friend of mine who started the business) with all these cute themed accessories inside. There were two options that month, the Queen of Hearts (black and red theme) and the Queen of the Fairies. I felt that I was growing out of the very short goth phase I had when I first started my platinum blonde hair, so I opted for the latter.

Fashion Culture Box

It's a really well-put-together box with all the cute accessories that I will actually USE.
I thought the necklace inside was of rather good quality.

Fashion Culture Box
Among other things were feather earrings, butterfly gold ring and bangle, and a bloop pink nail polish which I test applied on one nail and never removed it till today. Out of laziness mostly. But I do like the color. Though now the polish has moved halfway up my nail and has smeared beyond fashionably acceptable. -.-

I also received this other thing I thought was pretty funny when I first heard about it years ago. But it was something that could have made so many occasions of my travelling years so much less embarrassing and easier.

Comes in the shape of a handy tube.

It's a standing up peeing device for girls!

How useful is that?! It can be extremely useful when the only peeing opportunity you get was by the bush on a cliff road in Laos with a bus-full of people all rushing to the same bush to pee. You don't even need to drop your pants and squat while passing vehicles looked on.

In the same month I discovered an unopened box of brand new 100ml Britney Spears Circus perfume hidden on my drawer (yes, it's hidden on the surface, I have too many perfumes). Felt like a free no-event surprise present. Yay.

My #BritneySpears #circus perfume. I even made a pin-up photo from the #perfume box. #diy #britneyspearscircus #clozette
Britney Spears decided to pop up the moment I flip the box open, so I decided to cut the box and made a pop-art deco on my work place.

Gotta love Britney Spears.


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  1. You really love Britney Spears that you alloted extra effort for making a pop-art deco on my work place.