The Beijing Cough

Great wall of china Beijing nicole tan

Hello Great Wall of China.

tian an men beijing nicolekiss
Tian An Men
tian an gate beijing nicolekiss

Great wall of china Beijing
In the distance written on the mountain: "Mao President" 

Great wall of china Beijing Nicolekiss
random scribble on wall (top right) : "my second round"

Great wall of china Beijing
great shot of friend Stuart and girlfriend

Great wall of china Beijing

Great wall of china Beijing
long way up...

Great wall of china
means... long way down.

nicolekiss Great wall of china Beijing

Beijing was where I lost the most weight in a single trip. There was just so much walking. Buildings are massive in Beijing, even crossing a roundabout was a real feat. I spent quite a number of hours climbing the Great Wall of China, I didn't go to the main gate where the tourists usually flock to, instead I went to a farther gate so I get to do my 'wall hike' in peace. The sun can be painful so lots of sunblock is recommended, and loose change to buy water along the way from random single vendors. Price of water escalates as you move further away from the entrance, but your dehydrated body will soon prove these matters petty.

Oh yes, the Beijing cough. The city is constantly covered in a thick 'fog', which is actually pollution from coal burning factories that functioned mainly as the source of electricity for the country. It's one of the most polluted cities in the world; living here, you will develop a constant 'cough' due to the heavy pollution. Hence, the 'Beijing Cough'. By far one the scariest stories I've ever heard. 


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  1. hah! hope i will be there this novemberrrr...

  2. Lovely photos. I never knew some people in Beijing have a constant cough. I hope one day, Beijing will be more green.

    1. yea. it's surprising how any government would let its citizen be exposed to such pollution on such intensity.