My new adidas outfit!

So yesterday I gathered up my courage and went for my second lesson with my coach.

It's pretty scary considering I only had one practice on my own between the first and this second lesson. And it's essential to practise a lot after a lesson because during your session with the coach, you picked up all the skills and then you execute them on your own during your practices.

But before I get to that, I want to show you the new outfit I got!!

adidas pink top

In order to practise in conjunction with adidas new campaign "adidas is all in", I came up with my very own challenge called "Nicolekiss is all in" lol shameless :p

I got a pink top AND a blue training jacket. It's so colorful! MAD LOVE.

blue jacket

pink top

I don't know about you, but I think adidas has some really neat designs this season. They're all so colorful, funky, modern, chic, futuristic and everything wonderful I never thought sportswear was possible to achieve.

And check out my new shoes!

adidas pink and black shoes

my adidas shoes

pink top me
Happy face.

Few more poses.


posing 2

Check out the back.

back of pink top
sexy back ^^

With the blue jacket.

pose 3

adidas blue pink and black

adidas full outfit

Nice or not?

I bet you want to get hold of these brand new collection of adidas apparel right now. :p
Poison you. kekeke

And this was me right before my battle.


Hair tied and ready to skate~!

Bring it.


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