Mommy's Gift This Year

A week ago I celebrated my mom's birthday.

Got her a present during my stay over Xmas in Singapore from Takashimaya.

Last year I got her a bouquet of CASH.

Yes cash. As in roses made of money.

money flowers

Two years ago, it was flowers made of RM1 notes.

Then last, I decided to upgrade my present, pooling money with my brother, to RM10 notes flower.

RM10s flower

So this year I decided to give her something different.

My mom is a lover for Bone China.

Despite its name, bone china is British made porcelain crockeries.

But the thing is she doesn't own any. Her reasons for it was that when she was younger, she couldn't afford them. And now I think she prefers to save the money than to spend on unnecessary items.

Old Country Rose from Royal Albert

So when I went to Singapore, I decided to scout these cups out.

Two of the more well known Bone China brands are Royal Doulton (owned by the father) and Royal Albert (then the son).

However, when Old Country Roses design was launched 1962, it became one of the biggest hit and till date most popular English bone china design.


And seeing that my mom loves big red roses. I decided to get some of these. In the end, I brought home two sets of cups and saucers, and a mini milk jug. :D

Why all the way to Singapore? Because it's bloody expensive to buy it in Malaysia. One cup and saucer set can easily cost more than RM300, whereas you can get half that price in Singapore. A teapot can cost between RM2~300 after conversion in Singapore.

Just imagine, how would would this table cost?

Old Country Rose-Royal Albert

But even with just a normal set of saucer and plates, sipping afternoon tea with some of these exclusive bone china. Fuu wa... Damn posh feel.


I got my experience sipping afternoon tea in some of these 22k gold rimmed teacups one day at Angelic, which was how I got to know about this particular bone china.

nice settings in angelic

The setting of this cafe was SO nice I could just die! I was already wishing my future living room to be set up something like this.

sitting at christmas tree

Don't I look damn comfy?

cozy living setting

Did a bit of camwhore while I was there.

me at angelic 2

golden santa
Love the gold santa! was there during xmas

afternoon tea set


I wanna go back to Angelic.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole, nice gift!
    Btw, did u apply for the best job in the world? (

    I think u r the suitable candidate...


  2. Ooh... nice nice. Hey~ I rmbr those flowers that u made out of money.. i thought it was really creative & cool.

    I'm sure your Mum loved those gorgeous looking teacups. ^^ very tao keh nio look la. lol.

  3. Looking good there Nicole! Happy Chinese New Year btw!

  4. u shld look at Wedgwood too..they have a nice tablwares..many ppl give these as gifts! u can find them in sg too...

  5. looks very antique-ish. next time look for villeroy & boch. my mum is crazy for villeroy. we went to luxembourg 3 times in 3 years and spent the whole day at the factory itself. it was boring but i have to admit that they produce really really good stuff. check it out :)


  6. Hi Nicole, you're such a good daughter, so sweet towards your mamma. Stay that way and your life will be even more blessed!

    About the tea set, yes they do give that kind of feel. Nice! Happy cny and happy birthday to you mum!

  7. Is Angelic the place for scones and English tea in Plaza Singapure? I been there once and it was awesome :)

  8. That cash bouquet looks REALLY COOL. I wish we had such colorful money in the US haha.

    Has your mom heard about this show?
    I know its far but some people are like fanatical about this stuff and would totally go. Maybe you could go with her too, visit detroit or toronto! It's in the summer so I bet it'd be super nice up there :)