Orgasm at T.G.I.Friday's (Why I want to eat at Friday's)

Short Note:
Find out how did my curry laksa hunt turn out (published in my twitter few days ago) in my Diet and Food Blog.

More food than diet I think. >_<

Yesterday I went “dating” with my professional photographer cum friend, Andy, at 1 Utama after attending the press conference for Cornetto Love Perhaps Season 2 (will talk about this soon) at Bangsar.

It’s pretty pitiful when it comes a point in your life that you find yourself going out with your photographer for a romantic dinner on a Friday night instead of some random guys you’re getting hooked up with.

(Point to note: Andy is a wonderful companion, as a friend and as a photographer to have dinner with, because you can ask him for tips on how to take photos of your food and they don’t nag about how obsessed you are with photography :D)

Kidding, Andy, I like hanging out with you.

It was a Friday. Where else to dine but at Friday's! Such great pun they created.

Yea I finally gave in after looking at my own ad for a week.

my page
damn them always keep rotating the food make me so hungry wtf

Indeed thank god it’s Friday though it makes no difference for a home student and full time blogger like me. But I like Fridays because all my friends are free to go out with me. :D Yea~

We ordered the three course meal that comes at RM39.90 before tax and shared. The thing I like about this three course meal promotion, they always serve enough to feed two despite it’s a one person three course meal set.


I remember the first time I enjoyed this promotion (which was like two years ago in Section 14), my date and I couldn’t finish one three course meal and left the place feeling superbly stuffed. One thing I like about Friday's, is that their waiters are always honest enough to tell you that one three course meal is MORE than enough for one and just nice for two, they also always hold honest opinions about their food.

Which is why I always get them to squat down beside me and recommend me their personal favourite dishes one by one; oh and their waiters are so cute!! ^^

I was fidgeting between a free refill ice lemon tea and a strawberry sunrise, they are priced equally at RM6.90.

strawberry surprise
This is so yummylicious!

I went for the strawberry sunrise. (I’m such a sucker for pretty stuff).

Then we had shrimp martini for appetizer.

shrimp martini
Andy like this photo.

I couldn’t decide, as a blogger, my job is make people drool by zooming in at the food larger than they appear to be in real life and photoshop to make them look juicier in photos.

Like this.

shrimp martini_close

Well actually I couldn’t decide which photo to put so I put both of them here. But seriously, the shrimps are gorgeous.

We wanted something heavy for main course so we ordered beef ribs.

beef ribs

Andy and I attacked the fries first because they were so good. (or they looked so good)

beef ribs2

I was getting pretty full at this point, Andy wasn’t. (maybe because I had a fantabulous strawberry slurp to go down with my fries and ribs. Yum!)

The highlight was the three course meals however, is this! (This definitely will fill you up if the above two didn’t)

mocha mud pie
Mocha Mud Pie

OMG, this is so so so so so so sinful. Look at that hot chocolate sauce oozing on top of a ice-cream-covered chocolaty mocha mousse. It’s simply orgasmic! We wiped the whole thing clean.

wipe clean

Note: Fridays did not pay me to write this. But I hope I can have another session of Mocha Mud Pie, yes Friday's? Yes yes?~~~~~ *battering eye lids*


18 kissed Nicole

  1. Ah Nicole;

    U u u Pak Tor d ar?... :(

    Me me me heart veli the broken lor...

    Hehe, Just joking, TGIF good ar?...(^_^)"

  2. Manage to finish the 3 course meal on ur own or not?

  3. jacky chin: pak toh ur head~

    willar: hmph... hate jiu.. why u no read my blog anymore..

  4. but but but but but but... Sulks.....

  5. hi. i've been reading your blog lately ^^ and it's interesting =) anyway, i love TGI Fridays! your pics are making my stomach to rumble. lol

  6. your meal at TGIF is it at that section 14 you mentioned earlier? I went to TGIF Queensbay, Penang last night, also had the 3 course meal (devil set) But there very dark and cannot take nice photos.. sien only. Your photos all so nice

  7. Ha! TGIF made a mistake; entrée is appetizer!

    Everything looks so good though... *drooling* :P

  8. Oooh! Mud pie, good!

    Damn it Nicole! I was just about to go for a run and now you've made me feel hungry.

    Nice post, btw.

  9. The rib...i only see bone. Is that a diet menu or, the bone is edible :P

  10. uguess?: their mud pie is d best!

    vkeong: no the one in the entry i had it in 1U.

    wp: it is good~

    destickles: tell me about me, i always wanted to go for a run then all those blogging just make me hungry

    whisperer: haha..

  11. smart. get free yummy muum muum.

  12. ah Friday's at 1u, i worked there before! and i know how to make the mudpie!

  13. hey nicole, you are making me hungry with all those pictures lah. go 1Utama also never invite my, I stay dam darn near wei

  14. Wahhh! Today is Food Blog day? =P

  15. Why only photographed one set of the meal? What did Andy eat?
    Both of you shared the meal?

  16. seriously i should have a try on this...

  17. You are really a successful blogger in making me drooling!

  18. Great pics!!:D
    I loved pretty stuffs tooo...I bet I will just have the same hard time as you at deciding between the sunrise or the lemon tea;)

    And I loved the shrimps martini as well:D