Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo, Japan

Do you know what is cuteness beyond tolerance?

When I was in Japan, I made a journey to the cutest town in the world.

Hello Kitty Town.

Hello Kitty Town

Yes it exist, yes it’s not a myth. There is a town in Japan called the Hello Kitty Town, and they even build a theme park comprising all the sugar and spices known to man kind in this Theme Park. And I, have to see it with my own eyes.

As I made my left turn after a 3 minute walk from the Tama station, I found myself approaching a rainbow looking structure.


Welcome to Sanrio Puroland. Home of Hello Kitty - the mouthless cat, and her delightful friends – mindless creatures that made no sense at all.

Where all the cuteness in the world gathers, so cute you wanna puke. I’m not kidding.

At first it was all nice and sweet. Adorable even.

Puroland Entrance
The lady at the entrance wearing Hello Kitty imprinted maid costume

Getting in cost you around 3000 yen, for all the rides they will charge you a further 1500 yen. So it’s 4500 yen altogether. That’s around RM135 or USD39.

Inside, you see a lot of the characters from Hello Kitty world patrolling the place for visitors to take photos. Like the villain character Badtz-Maru.

"Muahaha, I got you"

They switch these characters in between periods, but the main character is not where to be seen.

Things inside Puroland resemble that of Disneyland’s; everything is bigger, more colorful, more cartoonised (if that is even a word). Except everything is all Hello Kitty and Pink.

hello kitty wall

hello kitty genko
Kitty ‘genko’s

Including the toilet.

toilet sign
Half a Hello kitty head on a female body?

This must be the cutest toilet I have ever seen. Got birds chirping some more

In Hello Kitty Town, and Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hello Kitty World, it would only make sense if I visit the one and only house of the white furry cat.

hello kitty house
Pink, why am I not surprised?

I mean, where else in the world can you find another kitty house? There’s a handful of Disneylands around the world, with that a handful of Mickey Mouse houses. BUT, there will always be ONE Hello Kitty house.

As I was queuing up to visit the house (the theme park is packed, even on a weekday), this little girl came trotting pass me with her mom behind.

Awe… so cute.

Cute outfits in Japan, which I have learned, are not limited to just the minors.

girl calling
Lady at the entrance speaking in Japanese which I don’t understand.

After half an hour of boring queue, it was my turn!

grandma kitty
Grandma kitty

If there ever was a house that I think has TOO MUCH pink in it. It has to be this one.

hello kitty wardrobe
Peering into Kitty’s wardrobe

Pink Kitty Bed.

hello kitty bed
…… the kid must be ecstatic about pink.

The furniture, the sofas, kitchen, the dining area, the bathroom, it was all either carved into shapes of kitty heads or painted in pink, or both.

Somehow, I felt out of place here.

hello kitty mirror
Black lady standing in front of a dazzling kitty mirror

Throughout the theme park, you are spoiled with kitty products (that is, if you are a kitty fan).

hello kitty products

hello kitty purse
Erm, I feel like getting one of these.

There’s also kitty food, or food that look like kitty.

hello kitty cake
Kitty cake

Cinnamon Pudding, yum~ (pun intended)

cinnamon pudding
Cinnamon is the cute white bunny looking creature.

All those food are just too cute to be eaten, so I skipped lunch and went straight for Cinnamon stage performance.

This might sound redundant by now, but this is one of the CUTEST performances I have ever sat through.

It was almost torturing. Amusing, but definitely testing my sanity and intelligence.

cinnamon roll performance

girl performers
Ermm.. maybe not all cutesy and jumpy.

See the performance in real action and judge it with your own eyes.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re asking me. Of half the time I was looking at those gorgeous legs prancing around, and the other half I was fighting to keep my self sane by looking at those gorgeous legs.

It was nearly evening, I decided to go for my last ride before exiting the theme park.

Cinnamon ride!

cinnamon roll party

It’s cool, sailing on boat, just chilling, relaxing. No more brain washing and mind twisting dances with butterflies flapping everywhere.

Purin the Pudding eating Dog

… I take back my words.

It’s horrifying I tell you. Simply appalling.

At one point, I almost jumped out of the boat screaming. (when the boat pushed the door open)

cinnamon roll party 2
No~~~!! Too~~~ Many~~~ Kitties ~~~ Too~~~ Cute~~~

hello kitties
So~~ Many~~ Kitties~~~

hello kitties 2
No~~~ More~~~ Pls~~~ ARGH

I ain’t kidding you man, I was traumatized by the end of the journey.

I have been affected so badly, I can even name you the names of all the characters.

cinnamon and friends

From top left: Mocha, Cappuccino, Milk, Cinnamon, Espresso

cinnamon and friends 2

From left: Chiffon, Mocha, Cappuccino

That’s not all. Before you exit, you will find yourself going through the most ridiculous or the largest ridiculous store ever; all selling Hello Kitty merchandises.

hello kitty supermarket

Some of the locals even visit the theme park solely to shop at this store.

hello kitty market

Yes it means they pay 3000 yen just to get in here to buy the bunch of cookies and cups and shirts and pen with Hello Kitty face on it.

It is all a scam. A big FAT CUNNING SCAM.

First they brainwashed you into believing the world is made of honey and rainbows;

then they make you think Hello Kitty is the CUTEST creature on earth that you MUST idolize and fantasize;

THEN they put you in a big store selling inane craps that are utmost insults to human intelligence.

I tell you.

It worked.

My buys
My basket

At least I think their outfit is cute (what is not!).

cute cashier

And guess who I met on my way out?

me and grandma kitty
Grandma Kitty!!

I walked out of Puroland feeling a bit more retarded.

puroland evening
Puroland in the evening

I passed by Mcdonalds and decided to get back into reality,

mc pork

By pigging out on a burger.

eating mcpork
Real HUMAN Food, finally~!

Well it could have been far worse;

I could be visiting the place with YOU.

At least you don’t have to suffer my Cinnamon Rangers effect!! (Can’t say the same for my Japanese friends though)

cinnamon rangers
Go go rangers!!!



I bet by now you must be wondering if I’ve met the star of the town.


Hello Kitty and me

Kitty is such a poser~


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  1. What, no Hello Kitty boxer shorts? Hello Kitty boxer, there's a product that's destined to fail!

  2. Kitty not that cute. Donno why gals crazy about it.

    Shin Chan..!

    Shin Chan..!

    Shin Chan..!

    Shin Chan..!

  3. omg they still use the same colourful and cute hello kitty plastic bags.. i went there in year 2000.

    and i have all sizes of their plastic bags~ hahaha.. i made them give me.

    i think i still have a few stashed under my bed ;p

  4. Omg...that is Hello Kitty craze land! anyway very nice posts, first time here...keep it up yeah =D

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaah hello kitty ... Misha loves hello kitty !!!

    good morning jiejei!

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    Love those Hello Kitty merchandise although i'm not that big of a hello kitty fan~ they're actually cute...don't cha think? ;)

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    OMG i so want to go there la!!!!

  9. aiya..u didn't wear all pink to out-pink hello kitty? you could have drove it crazy till it grows a mouth...haha

  10. zul: didn't really look for it, not sure if they have

    mr.right: .... shin~ chan? -.-;; *sweat*

    jess: oh~~ you want more plastic bags? :D

    pei hau: hihi, thanks thanks.. *shy*

    misha: hi misha, long time no see and chat, been a bit busy over here :)

    eve: well, if you want, but i dun think the rest of the readers will be too happy about winning a hello kitty cookie, lol

    destickles: lol, tell me about it

    anon: you? want? to? go? to? puroland? o.O

    whisperer: i wish i did, but then i'll feel more like a retard afterwards

  11. nicole..i wonder how and where u got so much money to travel so many places so often...that u dun have a source of income or a job. wonder how....

  12. ^^ how did u get so much money? Erm~ are u come from rich family or someone sponsor u?

  13. 2 questions :
    (1) Is it true that all members in Hello Kitty's family were born without a mouth?

    (2) The proportion of your head to body seems bigger than normal in the last picture. Is it the after-effect of admiring your beauty for too long in front of the kitty mirror? :P

    ~~~scary scary thing~~~

  14. God. I hate Hello Kitty. *_*

  15. I skipped Sanrio Puroland during my trip but the boat rides you went on there are similar to the ones i went on at Disneyland.

  16. Nicole I'm jealous!I don't know when is my turn to go Hello Kitty Land. :(

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  21. i went to tokyo and i didnt go to sanrio puroland!! Big time regret now ... sigh. Only consolation is I bought some Hello Kitty merchandise.

  22. thanks for the entry! i nearly got to puroland, until my mum decided that disney would be more appropriate for adults =p

  23. Nice shots.May i know which cam model r u using?

  24. I'm with Mr. Right- SHIN CHAN!

    But to be in Japan.... oh, I must go.

    I must become a citizen of Japan!
    Not Sanrio Puroland, however- too much pink.
    Does Japan have a Pokemon land?
    I would live there- become a
    Pokemon Trainer

    you take like, REALLYREALLYREALLY
    good pictures. like the best
    pictures i've ever seen when i
    searched up Puroland on google,
    yahoo, AND photobucket. LOVE IT ! <3

  26. I was looking up Puroland and found your blog. What a great walk thru such a strange place! Pictures and descriptions are great, at least partly because I feel the same way about pink as you seem to. I feel like my pancreas would go into shock in the sacrin-abstraction of Puroland, but of course part of me still wants to go while I'm in Japan...

  27. i LOVE hello kitty<333
    i live in london ontario
    too bad i dont live in japan:(
    because i just looked at those pics
    i need to go there on day
    ITS HEAVEN!!!!
    -GabbyxOXo<333 HK


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