Best Restaurant in Pai: Silhouette Bar

Set in the early 20th century, the furnishings of Silhouette Bar reminded me of post-war jazz bands and cocktail hours, heavy with British influence buried in the depths of the exotic tropics.

Overlooking a pond and an empty pavilion, you'd find yourself comfortably seated in restored furnitures flown in from Britain, that meant well built and comfy armchairs and sofas. In the evening you'll be transported back in time as music from a 100-year old restored piano flowed through the dining area, while you'd be served drinks from imported beers to creative cocktails, or have your own selection of wines and hand-crafted liquors from their collection. 

If you're ever in Pai, you have to drop by this restaurant. It is located in Reverie Siam Resort but it sure didn't feel nor priced like hotel food. I dined here almost every night because I kept finding myself coming back to this place. Seldom have I come across food so fantastically prepared and well priced. 

Not only was Silhouette Bar serving the best food in Pai, in my humblest opinion, it was beating even some of the best mid-tier restaurants in Thailand. I couldn't remember the last time I enjoy meals so much. It could be the holiday spirit, the interior, the ambience, the music and the wonderfully crafted drinks speaking, but I strongly vouch for this restaurant. Even writing about this now had me fantasising about their succulent pork belly (and juicy pork ribs).

Silhouette by Reverie Siam
476 Moo 8, Vieng Tai
Pai, Mae Hong Son
Thailand 58130

Tel: +66 (0)53699870

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