Yellow Flower Field @ Pai

The best things in life always come at the most unexpected moments. 

While on a private tour with Reverie Siam in Pai, Thailand, we drove pass this gorgeous yellow flower field on the way to see a monk bridge. 

I ran down from the car and into the field. Like a kid in candy land, I had the whole place to myself. Acres of yellow flowers and not a soul in sight, I was thrilled beyond belief.

The land was actually a paddy field in between harvest and planting season, and during this blank period, the farmers would plant these tall yellow flower plants to fertilise its soil. At the point these photographs were taken, this gorgeous yellow flower field would be chopped off to get ready for paddy planting in a month's time. 

If you're ever in Pai during the month of July, do contact Review Siam (ask for Pira) for a private tour for Pai, and ask them to drop you off at this secret place nobody else knows. It's 2500 baht for half day tour in a van (up to 4 people) and they will bring you to all the touristy and some not so touristy places and activities. 

Time to Visit
Late June - Mid July

Private Tour
Reverie Siam Resort
476 Moo 8, Vieng Tai
Pai, Mae Hong Son
Thailand 58130
Tel: +66 (0)53699870


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