Best Bottom Lash Mascara Ever! – First Sephora Haul 2017

Before I dwell into my quest to find a bottom lash mascara for my non-existent eyelashes (especially my lower lashes), let me say I stumbled onto this product completely by accident.

It started off with Sephora asking me if I would like to purchase some items off Sephora site under their expense. Like… heck yea?!!

The brand was to be Clinique. Now personally I have a long term on and off relationship with Clinique on both of their skincare and cosmetic lines. I have enjoyed each product I used from Clinique in the past but for some reasons it never made it as a staple on my vanity. However there were few particular products I really wanted to try/get from Clinique (one of them being the trending Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm) so within 2 seconds I was on Sephora site shopping away. 

I was instantly disappointed when cleansing balm was nowhere to be seen (sobs) and compared to the US site, has significantly smaller range of Clinique products available. Little did I know this was a blessing in disguise because I was then made to purchase 3 items I’ve never tried before…

Lo and behold, I loved every single one of them! Thus, also, discovering the BEST LOWER LASH MASCARA EVER!

First let talk about this Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion aka toner (RM145 - 200ml), I read really positive reviews on the serum which was rather pricey at RM350 for 50ml, so instead of that I went for the lotion which has similarly positive reviews.

It delivered. The glowing effect as stated in the reviews was real. It has a gel-ish texture similar to hyaluronic acid but more fluid, absorbs fast and no sticky residue. It’s affordable so I do see myself repurchasing this once I finish this bottle (and yes, it is a staple on my vanity now).

The second product I got was Clinique for Men Face Scrub (RM106 – 100ml). Why for men? Because I have tried their 7 day Scrub Cream in the past and found the grains too fine for me to have any real exfoliation result and I had used their Exfoliating Scrub and found the grains too rough for the whole face. Reviews have rated this product rather high even among women and despite the minty feel on your face (which I don’t mind), this face scrub was the perfect balance between the two previous products I have mentioned. I use this weekly and my face always turns out so smooth after each use!

Now to reach the budget given, I added this final product to my cart and checked out, expecting little. It turns out to be the best purchase I had this haul.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (RM68 – 2ml), best for people with very very short and scarce bottom lashes.

This is a pic of my bare and scarce bottom lashes.

This is one layer/sweep of the Clinique bottom lash mascara on my lower lash.

The photos speak for themselves. The applicator was a breeze to apply with, small enough to control but not too small that made it difficult to apply any actual mascara onto the lashes.

It is, to date, the best bottom lash mascara I have ever tried.
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