Fashion Valet Shopping Disaster: I was cheated off RM233 to receive a RM2 credit refund

**Update** (read below)

Few days ago I bought a dress from Fashion Valet in Bangsar Village II, it looked really unique and having tried on briefly, I went to the counter to ask for a smaller size (it was L size). As my luck would have it, it was the last piece and while at the counter I read this note written clearly that they have a return policy if you bring back within 7 days. I was rushing for a lunch appointment, so I made the payment and decided that if I really didn't like the dress, I could always come back and return it.

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The next morning before heading to work, I took it out of its paper bag and tried it on, and realised that underneath the natural sunlight, it looked really baggy on me and does nothing for my figure nor height (and I'm a tall person). So fast forward a few days to today, I brought the dress back to Bangsar hoping for a return and refund. Tags all on, unwashed and still in its original paper bag.

Little did I know that Fashion Valet has a no money refund policy despite their return policy. And though they stated on their online website, it was never stated in the store nor on the notice at the counter at all (I checked again just to be sure). This was not helpful to a customer who doesn't shop via their web portal at all.

But what went down in the shop on my attempt at returning the dress was a disaster.

This was an actual conversation that happened this afternoon.

N (me): Hi! I would like to return this.

S (sales girl): Sure! (good tone, immediate affirmative answer, definitely positive vibe)

N: Great. So you will refund the money?

S: Oh sorry. We don't refund the money. We can only let you exchange for another piece of clothing
of equal value or higher value.

N: Oh (taken aback), but what if I don't find anything I like in this shop now?

S: Well we can credit you the points into your online account. Do you have an online account with Fashion Valet.

N: No I don't. But I guess I can create one. When do the points expire?

S: Oh. You can use it anytime. Anytime at all. (indicating there's no expiry)

N: Oh okay. So I will get points? Credits?

S: Okay. When you create an account, you will have 1000 points. And then the system will multiply the points by 0.01, so you will have RM10 off your purchase.

N: How many points do I get if I return this item? (the dress was RM233)

S: We take 233 and multiply by 0.01, so you get RM2 credit in your account?

N: What?! (stunned for a while)  I think you have it reversed. It should be 233 divide by 0.01...

S: No no. (Very assured and immediate answer, cutting my sentence off) we multiply, so it is 233 multiply by 0.01. That's 2 ringgit credit.

N: SOooo you're telling me that if I return this RM233 dress, all I get is RM2 of online credit back?!

S: Yes. (Confident and immediate answer, with direct eye contact) 

N: Are you sure?

S: Yes.

N: Do you want to ask someone?

S: No. I'm sure.

N: Wait, wait. So you're saying that I give you RM233 and you give me RM2 back (with no product). Basically I'm giving you money for nothing! Free money!

S: Yes. (Again, very affirmative answer, with strong eye contact)

At this point I was staring at her so hard in the eye I thought my vision could pierce through her brain, while her colleague was indefinitely confused at the side, and seeing S replying to a customer (me) so confidently, she was doubting her own judgement, and went in to ask a superior for confirmation. She then come out to correct S, in a very unsurely tone.

I was so annoyed at this point I just want to get it over with. So ignoring the online credit option altogether (as I didn't have faith that S will issue me the correct credits and I honestly didn't want to come back to the shop to deal with her again), I decided to just exchange it for something in the shop even though I was in a rush.
However there was nothing in the shop that I like for this season. I was a Chinese surrounded by mostly muslimah clothing, on what occasions could I wear that?! The other pieces weren't so nice, despite my trying to like them. In the end I tried on two pieces that were RM159 and RM680 separately; THE ONLY TWO PIECES IN THE ENTIRE SHOP I CAN SEE MYSELF WEARING and sort of liked. First piece was at half the price, if I exchange for this piece, I couldn't get the rest refunded and the money will just burn.

SO I did the MOST RELUCTANT thing I ever DID in a fashion store, I top up another RM447 to get the RM680 dress, not because I love the dress (I liked it, but it wasn't love) or thought it was worth it, but because I felt that I was being undercut if otherwise. And I rather contribute to the designer of the dress than to let Fashion Valet earn most of the profits.

If I have to attribute anything at all, I would say this entire shopping experience was a complete nightmare and disaster, and I was forced to spend a whopping RM680 for something I didn't think was worth the price.

Will I ever return to Fashion Valet?


**Update** So the founder found this article and had his customer service team reached out to me (as you can read in the first comment). I liked the fact the actions were taken to redeem themselves. After a week of back and forth communication, I was given two choices: to return the dress (they offered to have it picked up instead of me returning it directly to the shop) and have full refund of RM680 OR they will refund the initial RM233 and let me keep the dress I bought.

Initially I really wanted to return the dress but then amidst being busy, I decided to keep the dress (it's kinda like having a 30% discount on the dress) because I did like the dress and I didn't want to bother them having to pick the dress up personally from me. I run a business myself so I know how troublesome it is at times to accommodate to just one customer. I'm happy something was done despite my feeling helpless during the incidence before writing this post. Their online customer service was definitely more helpful than their offline ones (storefronts). Perhaps Fashion Valet should practise their online customer service throughout their physical stores. So if you're ever in a pickle with them, I guess the best bet is to approach them online (sometimes I would have done if I knew). 


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  1. Hi Nicole. I'm Fadza from FashionValet. I'd like to apologise on behalf of our sales team and company for your bad experience shopping with us. You're absolutely right that you should have gotten a full refund back. There is no excuse for the sales girl to misinform you. Our customer service team will get in touch with you shortly to make it up. I hope you will still shop with us and let us show you that we're really better than this.


    1. Hi Fadza,

      Thanks for personally commenting and taking an action. I really appreciate the effort. I will communicate with your service team and hopefully will establish some form of result.


  2. Wow, the owner came here to apologize by himself. Kudos Fashion Valet!

  3. Wow, what an experience! I'm pretty sure the girl in the store made a mistake, though why she was so confident about it, I have no idea! After that experience they should give you a full refund if you want to return the RM680 dress. And in cash!

    1. Exactly my thought! Her confidence was what threw me off.
      Anyway I just updated on what happened after.

  4. Any update to this case yet?

    1. Yes! I just updated in the post. Scroll to the bottom.

  5. This type of attitude of 'I know best' like what the salesgirl did is seen all the time in HSBC, that so-called international bank which has gatekeepers like this salesgirl stationed throughout their branches, and in their telebanking. You can only go as far as these gatekeepers, no more. All their officers and managers hide behind the solid walls and never talk to customers. At least, this fashion store has the courtesy to personally try to resolve the problem. HSBC, hmmm, all their officers and up think of themselves as big shots, harder to see them than your Najib or adun. Sorry, I went off topic, but that's a comparison.

    1. That's what I thought too, it's like being stuck at the front and not able to breach beyond the 'gatekeepers'. I suppose it's worse with banks as their online service is probably equally as pointless.