Chocolate Ville @ Bangkok

If you ran out of places to visit in Bangkok (yes it can happen), here's a place that guarantees heap loads of photo ops, good food and a romantic evening walk and dining experience with your love ones. Chocolate Ville is a newly built European-themed village that was launched in year 2011, able to cater up to 300 people at any given time (perhaps more).

Do not attempt this trip alone, you have been warned.

The downfall is that it's located slightly out of town, about 30 mins away from Bangkok city without traffic. The only way to get there is to hire a car or hop into a taxi, however, be sure to get a local taxi app (I suggest GrabATaxi / MyTeksi) to ensure your ride there and back because most taxi drivers in Bangkok are farmers from the countryside driving for extra income during the crop growing period, a.k.a. don't know their way around the city, least out of the city. If you're so lucky to get on a ride of an experienced Bangkok taxi driver that would lead you to the village direct, Chocolate Ville also offers to call you a taxi at no extra charges to get back into the city.

Food worthy of a try: pork knuckle, pork ribs & fried chicken.

Address: Chocolate Ville, Kaseth Nawamin 10230 Bangkok Thailand
Phone: +66 83 077 3738
Opening hours: 4pm - 12am daily


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow... so pretty! But where's the chocolate? :P