[Platinum Blonde] Black and Pearls

Been incredibly pre-occupied with the ending of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. And I hope to be more occupied in the near future to come. I'm actually looking forward to put my life into perspective and hopefully make it a more productive one.

But here's an overdue post of my platinum hair which I have yet to post on my blog.

My journey to attaining this color was a long one, from brown to ash brown to dark blonde to blonde to ash blonde; and now, to platinum blonde.

Also, ever since having this hair color, I'm beginning to love black outfits. It seems to pair really well with anything dark. And I'm loving red lips lately too.

So now maintaining this hair is a lot easier since I don't need to color my hair anymore. This would be how I would look like if I was born a blonde. 


1 kissed Nicole

  1. HOW LUSH!!! i think you're gorgeous blonde. which salon did you go to? and was it incredibly expensive?

    from: I Was Once A Bleached Blonde, Too. (lol!)