Monday, January 30, 2012

Random stuff

photo 25

Now that Chinese New Year Holiday is over. And most people are back to work.

I promise to make more proper travel posts after this one.

In the mean time, let's have a look at what my instagram has to offer from my usual boring life in KL. :p

photo 8
jellybeans in Candylicious

Had a chance to dine at Ben's Independant Grocer (there's a cafe in it). Love the atmosphere, love the side salads, but the stuffed portabello mushroom I had was not really up to par. Despite the very satisfying portion.

photo 3

It was massively filling to finish the whole plate, which I didn't.

photo 10

photo 2
saw this in a magazine and wanted it bad. The yellow one. Anyone going to Taiwan/Japan/HK please help me buy tq.

photo 5
LV necklaces - how can one resist.
The price did the trick. Not that I need to know how much.

photo 20
pavilion bears

photo 19
epic kid with epic chillax pose.
Not sure if I actually post it online, think I didn't.

photo 24

And finally, few more pics of myself.

photo 47

photo 51
lunch @ starbucks

photo 53
charity dinner

photo 54
basic make up

photo 63
love how my eyelids turn out.

That is all.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ivanka Trump Shoes

photo 56

Finally, an interview that went well.

Will try to post some photos from the studio when I get them up from my phone.

Though Wendy told me that I look shit on TV, which I agree.

Something about the lighting making my face as flat as kansas plain.

Anyway my latest sin is a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes from the US. It came in the mail along with my other buys but because it was in a huge box and came via the EMS, I got taxed RM92 for my own clothing purchase. WTF?

photo 31

Then again, it's such a gorgeous pair, it's totally worth it.

photo 32

It's definitely meant for red carpet moment only, since the entire bottom are made of suede and will destroy instantly if worn on tar road, or cobble road; anything that's not completely flat and carpetry.

Talk about impracticality. Still~

Anyone want to invite me to a red carpet function anytime soon? :p

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Going on NTV7, again.

Just a quick update here.

photo 46

Flew back from a wondrous CNY trip in Langkawi. Max family time.

Had a lot of good food and visited couple of amazing places. Went to the Perdana Gallery and dined at Bon Ton, lovely place, so many purry furry cats! Almost tempted to sneak one of them back in my luggage.

Oh, and did a 3-hour jet ski tour which was SUPER FUN AND AMAZING! Had stupendest time on the sea riding like a maniac. Well, a controlled maniac.

Exhausted from the flight and the ride back home. Always find it so 'mafan' that one has to put up with flight time PLUS driving/ride time from the airport; as if travelling from one country to another isn't tiring enough.

So erm... Tomorrow I'm going to be on NTV7, again.
Wow. Didn't know I could say that, and so soon too.

Twice appearance on national tv within the month. This has got to be somesort of record.

Tomorrow 11am sharp, live broadcast from the studio.
Topic: something to do with paintings.

I'm going to be bringing one of my latest pieces to the studio, let's hope they'll show it on TV. :D

Catch it if you can. I'm going to try not to sit too far to the side of the TV this time (if I can help it :S) so I don't look fat on TV. Urgh~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Geek in Me

It was New Year's Day and I stumbled into Uniqlo by chance, friend wanted to get something.

I was browsing through the racks of clothes, looking through rows of clothes which I have already bought last year. Then I got to the accessories section, tried on a pair of frames and a hat, and I was hooked.

Paid RM80+ for both items and proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day.

photo 12

As you can see, the frames themselves don't quite go well with the whole look without the hat. So I had to buy both.

photo 11

photo 15
no hat

photo 7

tried to take photo of myself in F21 but got warned not to take pics. wtf. I'm not even taking pics of their store. Rude. *hmph*

Frames are so useful on days when you don't feel like putting on make up but still want to look chic; it conceal all faults and accentuates your eyes.

photo 9
Photo of me with frames (no power) before bedtime, no make up.

photo 14

photo 6

Had miss sixty heels on but didn't manage to take any pic with me in them.

Crop top: Topshop UK
Black shirt dress: Taiwan Shilin Street
Black tights pants: UNIQLO
Hat and Frames: UNIQLO
Hoop Earrings: KL

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charity Dinner - Auction & Art

Miss Thailand 2007 with a Lawless dinner bag for auction

The charity dinner held a week ago was a success, albeit the minor hiccups here and there.

Two Miss Thailands (of 2004 & 2007) flew in to attend the private event at Mikan in KL.


The dinner cost RM500 per pax (since it was a charity event) where most proceeds went to aid the flood victims in Thailand.


I was seated next to the two very hot (and tall) beauty queens together with my bestie whom I invited along.

that's me looking at photos on my phone with Wendy

Both the Miss Thailands were super friendly. I took quite a bit of photos of them and with them.

photo 3
pretty or not

They even let me played with their crowns. Or tiaras. Whichever.

And they were massively HEAVY! They told they were getting a headache from wearing them for too long. @_@

photo 9
heavy stuff

Miss Thailand 2007's head was so small, the crown wouldn't fit onto my head. T_T #Igotbighead

photo 28
had to hold onto the crown to take this pic, damn hard to balance phone and crown at the same time

photo 11
Wendy also had a go, lol. Actually I forced the crown on her to take this pic. :p

Then I posted on instagram asking people to indentify the fakes with this photo. lolol

photo 30

I amuse myself sometimes.

Dinner that night was an impressive Japanese fine cuisine. With top ingredients like foie gras, wagyu and monk fish liver.

photo 7

photo 8
freshest sashimi

photo 14
head chef Machi working his charm on those delicious wagyu


wagyu fried rice for the still-hungrys

The auction started when dinner was finished (because we have to move to another area in order for everyone to gather into the same space). Raj being the emcee of the night. Looking good in a suit.


Two batik pieces were the first to go up, which needed a bit probbing to get it up to RM1000 bid.
But then the winner of the bid later threw another piece out to re-auction for the purpose of raising more funds. Such noble act.

It's a bit sad that few datuks and couple of tan sris've left the scene by the time the auction started, they could have contributed during the auction which would helped raise more funds.

My little piece of art went out too. Managed to call for RM800.

Well, can't ask for much; it is a little small.

By now it was a little apparent that the crowd was of the more reserved batch. Because the bags, batiks and artsy stuff didn't go out well, but the champagne managed to fetch a RM1500 for what was retailing in store at RM500 -.-.


By the time the lions got out, they were in thousands. =___=

There were also very supportive bidders who bid for the sake of charity. Two all-inclusive 3d2n Koh Samui trips were let go at RM2000++ each!

My grand piece came last because I requested the reserve to start at RM3000; the highest of all auction items.


But seeing the response of the crowd (or there lack of), the organisers decided to lower the calling price.

The piece finally went out at RM2100.

Thanks mr. kind man (orange shirt) for bidding for my art. #grateful

Though both of my art bidders did a trade in the end so the person who got this piece, named 'Crazy Art', was not the person in this photo. After the event, he then secretly told me this was the cheapest piece of art he has ever owned.

Damnit should have priced it higher. :p jk I'm happy with the result.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Live on Bella NTV7

So erm... I'm going to be on air today at 1:30pm on NTV7, the Bella programme.



Let's hope no one's watching.

Talking about travel stuff. Not too sure where they're heading with the topic but has something to do with travels and how one should travel safe and can travel cheap etc. I'm not the only guest *phew*.

So yep...

Can't sleep.

As usual.


Gonna have dark circles tomorrow.


Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Eve's Look

Delayed post of New Year's Eve.

photo 22

Had NYE dinner with two families (none of which are mine, such a bad daugther :/ ) in a Japanese restaurant.

Didn't take as many photos since it wasn't wild or anything like that.

Just simple sit downs and welcoming the new year. And seeing a bunch of new acquaitances got drunk before, during and after count down in a dodgy bar in a dodgy hotel, surrounded by old patrons of the hotels. LOL.

In fact, the ending of 2011 was a bit of a bummer (ok fine, it was a mega bummer).
Got cheated off RM15k from a scoundrel named Johnny Wong (I hope your kids grew up abadoning you), who used to own a travel agency in Bangsar but then shut down and whole family ran away with everyone's money (estimated to be in millions, since there's more than a hundred cases and my single case is already RM15k!); surprised that it wasn't even in the newspaper; makes you wonder what on earth are our police force doing with our tax money. Drinking lots of teh tarik, no doubt.

Anyway, cried for two days yada yada, lost a two-week year-end trip to Japan which included a ski resort holiday in Hokkaido, etc etc. Not going to drag this out, got over it so let's move on.

My look for New Year's Eve was a simple little black dress I got from Victoria's Secret online. ^^

photo 30

photo 21

photo 18

photo 16

Dress: Victoria's Secret
Heels: Miss Sixty (ps: most exp pair of heels ever own, 4 digits)
Butterfly Ring: Bangkok
Pearl Diamante Earrings: Somewhere, can't remember.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outcome of Charity Dinner & Instagram Photos

Update: painting is 18x24 inch, NOT 16x20. Wrote wrongly.


So the charity dinner went great.

Well, not really.

But it was not too bad on my part. I guess.

In the end two of my paintings were sold. One you see here in this post: the first one. Due to competition between many other bidding items and lack of audiences response (bad crowd?), decided to auction two of the paintings out instead of three.

So I took back my favourite colorful 'Universe' piece (which has never been put to auction), and will be put on sale here. :)

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11
"Universe" 18x24 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

Do email me for the enquiry of the painting. Thanks.

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11_close up 2

Will be blogging about the charity dinner soon, together with the two pieces of art I've sold in the auction. One of which fetched a four digits. ^^ (thanks to two special guest who did the bids)

Do follow me on instagram under the username nicootan. It's an addictive app and I will be uploading lots of my photos from there.

photo 35
Trying out instagram on my phone

photo 34

Loving the special effects that made all photos so nice~

Spend some time in Singapore last Christmas and had some lovely meals, didn't do much shopping as I already most of mine a month before, mainly online from overseas sites such as Victoria Secret, Coach and Juicy Couture. *love*

photo 36
Saw these art elephants that were scattered around town. So cute. Reminded me of the art elephants in London.

photo 38
Dined at Trattoria Lafiendra (neart art gallery in Singapore). Had some really really yummy parma-ham (jamon) with buffalo mozzarella.

photo 27
Got this super awesome white truffle oil from Ben's supermarket @ Publika. It's super lovely with scramble eggs. Of course I would love to have fresh truffle, but it's hard to find them here so truffle oil would suffice for now. And it's cheaper, too.

photo 29
Trying out Ding Tea from Fahrenheit. Had strawberry yogurt, not bad. Wouldn't order it again.

photo 28
Sleepy face before bedtime (before I went to wash my face).

Speaking of sleepy.

It's been an exhausting night. Had a great conversation with someone who shared so many similar interests as me, lots of wine, good food, camwhored with two Miss Thailands, held bestie's hand through the bidding of my painting, survived through a sorta semi-successful auction :S, and was offered a trip to Bangkok absolutely for free (I wonder).

Not too shabby for one night.

Time for bed.

Nitez all.