Monday, January 30, 2012

Random stuff

photo 25

Now that Chinese New Year Holiday is over. And most people are back to work.

I promise to make more proper travel posts after this one.

In the mean time, let's have a look at what my instagram has to offer from my usual boring life in KL. :p

photo 8
jellybeans in Candylicious

Had a chance to dine at Ben's Independant Grocer (there's a cafe in it). Love the atmosphere, love the side salads, but the stuffed portabello mushroom I had was not really up to par. Despite the very satisfying portion.

photo 3

It was massively filling to finish the whole plate, which I didn't.

photo 10

photo 2
saw this in a magazine and wanted it bad. The yellow one. Anyone going to Taiwan/Japan/HK please help me buy tq.

photo 5
LV necklaces - how can one resist.
The price did the trick. Not that I need to know how much.

photo 20
pavilion bears

photo 19
epic kid with epic chillax pose.
Not sure if I actually post it online, think I didn't.

photo 24

And finally, few more pics of myself.

photo 47

photo 51
lunch @ starbucks

photo 53
charity dinner

photo 54
basic make up

photo 63
love how my eyelids turn out.

That is all.


  1. Hey...those bears! Where were they? Look like Berlin bears...