Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My New Pair of Eyes

judith leiber sunnies

I got two new pairs of genuine GEO contact lens lately which I’m going to bring to India with me (to freak the locals out, lol, jk).

I’ve always resisted colorful lens because I prefer to wear my lens out on a daily basis and if I have to have a few pairs that I own, they would have to be something that doesn’t look like they hop out of an anime.

So my usual go-to colors are brown, hazelnut, grey and black.

And I really love grey series because they’re unique but subtle enough to still be worn daily with normal make-ups. I have been eye-ing for these two pairs for a while and now I finally got them. ^^

silver lens

I’ve been looking for this pair forever! I’ve asked few contact lens site before and they’re always sold out or no stock. Maybe because it’s a very popular color, but I love the rim-less sides that gave a very silver-ish siren-feel effect to my eyes.

It’s a three tone color lens so it’s very natural and I look like I have naturally grey eyes; or silver angelic eyes. :p

three tone color lens 14mm CM955
Close up

The other pair is something I have before but in brown, so now I, again, went for the grey one. It’s a two tone color circular lens.

two tone color lens 15mm WI-A25

My friend said it’s sort of creepy, like a vampire; but I love it.

I find this pair hauntingly beautiful under sunlight.

surreal look
See what I mean? It’s super nice with photos or for the days I want to create a surreal mysterious look.

What do you think, which lens do you prefer on me?

I got both pairs from geo4msia.blogspot.com (prices are from RM29 including poslaju)

For your reference, the first pair is 14mm CM955; second pair is a 15mm WI-A25
(I got them really fast cause they were all in stock; if the lens you want are out of stock, they do deliver within 10 working days.)


  1. ♥ So pretty ... i want it .......

  2. Check out lililens blogspot too.. Rm15 can get authentic geo lens already. I always purchase from her.

  3. Check out lililens blogspot too.. Rm15 can get authentic geo lens already. I always purchase from her.

  4. i must say you looks gorgeous, charming, attractive, etc...........
    can really find a word to describe my feeling...
    you are really very beautiful...

  5. The lililens blogspot, My friend once bought a pair from them and got an infection. And for GEO Len lililens sell at 28 for those black and brown models only.

    I tried this blogshop and really not bad. Haha..

  6. Omg! I love the make up! Maybe you can do a makeup tutorial for this? :)