Monday, October 31, 2011

Why So Serious?

soft focus
Infamous Joker make-up

Hope your Halloween was a great one.

Mine was "meh~".

But had fun doing up this look.

Surprisingly it's pretty easy to do, and surprisingly there aren't a lot of spooks out there celebrating in KL this year. I see more nurses than I see ghosts and zombies.

Will definitely bring my Halloween spirit to Singapore next year, far away from Bangsar, the further the better (don't ask).

ps// Have you seen Heidi Klum's Halloween make-up this year? it's crazeeeee~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Have a Good Halloween Weekend

have a good weekend

It's the weekend!

How was your Deepavali?

I spent mine with friend and home cooked bak kut teh dinner, with wine. ^^

Looking forward to partying Halloween style tomorrow night. *heart*

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Coach Tote

I just rewarded myself with a brand new pink coach tote this year, just for being to go through whatever I went through this year, and the last.

It's not a big reward, just a little something to remind myself that I'm worth it.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote

The Coach Signature Stripe Tote in pink.

I wanted something of a convenient size, easy to just grab and head out for a short erran run or house visit. Big bags can be pretty heavy at times, this was just perfect. I bought it from a friend who living in the states, she runs a site selling different designer bags she got her hands on.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote inside

This could fit couple of magazines, phone and wallet and some other stuff. It's pretty spacious for a small tote.

Coach Signature Stripe Tote tag

What's your latest buy? :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boyfriend Shirt

Look of the day post!

boyfriend shirt

I once read that it's never alright to wear leggings or tights alone without shorts, with the exception of a boyfriend shirt.

I've worn this quite several times with shorts but never just with tights, so I thought I had a little bit of fun today.

boyfriend shirt 2

It's all about accessories.

boyfriend shirt 4

The white chain necklace will soften the masculinity of the chunky wooden necklace as well as the long shirt.

Pair it with a hobo belt and done.

boyfriend shirt 3

Boyfriend shirt & Belt: Taiwan
Tights: Myer, Adelaide
Necklaces: Bangkok
Bangle: Penang Airport

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lisbon Begging Chihuahua

lisbon begging chihuahua

It's the cutest thing I saw in Lisbon, a little chihuahua wearing winter clothes holding bucket of, most often than not, one coin begging for money in front of its performing owner.

The Lisbon begging Chihuahua.

It's more famous than you think. Just google "lisbon begging chihuahua".

Here are some of the photos I found online.

Singing Chihuahua - Lisbon, Portugal
grabbed off flickr

grabbed off canstockphoto

grabbed off google

grabbed off Featurepics

and whole lot of youtube videos...

Uber cuteeeee............ @_@ ^^ *heart*

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pleasant Lisbon - Dream Beings

dream beings

I spent only three days in Lisbon and it was a whirlwind of a trip. Food, sights, walk, laughs; it was a pleasant place, with pleasant people that gave you pleasant feeling.

Yes, the whole 3D2N in Lisbon was very pleasant; nothing more, nothing less. And that's how I liked it to be. Pleasant, lovely, adorable Lisbon.

window to lisbon

zodiac medieval
would have gotten on if my zodiac wasn't the most boring one

Spotted a lazy cat sitting at the ruin we were visiting.


cat 2

Must be the weather, it didn't even want to move when my camera went so close up to its face.

cat 3

lisbon city
bluish sunset

After sunset, we walked up to a hilly place filled with restaurants and decided to enjoy the rest of the evening looking in the surprisingly comfortable chilly night.

lisbon city at night

cliff restaurant


rack of lamb


There was wine, of course. There always has to have wine.


For me, it's always a glass of chilled sweet moscato. :)

drinking moscato

And then I floated through the rest of the city at night.


glass lift
pretty glass lift in the city

The next day we visited quite a number of monumental sites around Lisbon.

Like the Lisboa Jeronimos.

rainbow at Lisboa jeronimos


pose 1

building sky




And lots of camwhore pics.



window pose

pose in dungeon


andrew in prison lol

nicole in prison


central yard

print  art
crazy print art I loved

very nice ceiling, I said to myself.


resting place
somebody's resting place

lisbon cathedral
another beautiful cathedral

Spotted a dessert shop, couldn't resist walking in.

dessert shop

Came out with a cup of uber thick chocolate drink, tasted like chocolate pudding. #WIN!

chocolate drink

licking chocolate cup
tore and licked clean ^^

Went to the seaside.

so many boats and yachts.

yachts bay

Monument to the Discoveries

I liked this monument because it told a story.

Henry the Navigator crossed the Pacific in 1520 and the 50m tall monument/tower showed Henry and many heroes of the time exploring a new world.

monument to the discoveries lisbon

You could see the statue of Henry at the tip holding a small caravel.

In front of the monument was a ground map of the world at the time.


They spelt Malacca wrongly. -.-

We took a lift up the monument had a breathtaking view of the harbour.

beautiful beach

And then ended the day in a sweet note.

chocolate cake


the end.

on bed