Thursday, December 29, 2011

Millesime @ Solaris Dutamas

photo 3

Surprise surprise another food post. I'm just lazy and food seems to be easier to blog atm.

This time friend and I had wine pairing lunch at Millesime. Just right below Kencana building all the way to the very end.

wine glasses

I used be in Solaris Dutamas everyday and never knew this place existed. :S

Same friend (view post of Mikan) brought over four bottles of wine, between the TWO OF US to a lunch that already has wine. @_@

Sometimes I think he overestimated my capabilities. -_-

Millesime changes their wine pairing lunches a lot. You can go to their site (at the bottom of this post) to look for more lunch or dinner set promotion, mostly with wines.

Our four-course meal with wine cost RM260++ each.

First course. Can't remember the name of this dish. But it was some potato thing at the bottom. It was ok. Nothing fabulous. The corn on top was unnecessary.

photo 1

Solefish with cherry tomatoes and avocados came second.

photo 2

This was, by my description, bla...

The tiny fillet was fried to blantness. Cherry tomatoes were pleasant though.

This and main course was Beef Cheek and French Fries drizzled with Cheese.

photo 3

Now this was an interesting dish. The beef cheek was tender enough, albeit a bit chewy but that didn't bother me. What struck me was the sauce and cheese that was cooked with the home-made french fries; it was strangely pleasant, despite the 'cheap'-style attempt. I enjoyed this dish the most out of all.

The dessert was some sort of fried dough with vanila ice cream with fruits and caramel sauce.
Never liked my dessert savoury, but the ice cream was just mediocre.

photo 5

Overall the dining experience was pleasant, much thanks to good company and even better wines, lots of it.

But if I were to dine sober, I wouldn't think RM260++ was worth the meal. Four tiny courses were satisfying as a light lunch with lots of wine, not as mere lunch though.

One plus point, they do serve good whites - Hugel Gewurztraminer. Fresh, light, fruity and a tinge of sweet lychee. Really lovely to start the meal with.

G1-01-3, Ground Floor,Menara Kencana Petroleum,
Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat:
12:00pm - 3:00pm : Lunch
5.00pm - 7.00pm : Sandwich Hour
7.00pm - 12.00am: Dinner
Sundays: Closed

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mikan @ Maju Junction - Wine Pairing

It was one of those gastronomy adventurous lunch.

I've seemed to have find more time for wine lunch now than dinner. Has nothing to do with road blocks on the way home.

I do find it helpful that it's easier to see in the daylight; and also easier to get a ride around. Hee hee.

Friend brought over seven bottles of wine to try out between few people. Adventurous? Me likey.

Choice of dining, a quiet and unusual restaurant tucked underneath the Maju Junction Mall - Mikan. Head Chef Machi decided to go wild in the kitchen.

It was a seven-course lunch (heavy lunch you say? Whatever do you mean?).
Seven dishes with seven bottles. Challenge accepted.

First up was one of the oddest dish I've had in a long time.

Crispy Baby Sardines.

photo 4
I have never, in my life, seen so many eyes staring up at me as I take a bite.
It's eerie.

Good. Never been a salty snack fan; but everyone around LOVED it. o~kay.

Next up.. another, rather wild, dish.

Monk Fish Liver.

photo 3

Even seen one of those fishes before? Ugly as Fudge.

Really soft liver though. Tantalising.

It's fabulous with our slightly sweetish German Riesling - Schloss Lieser appertiser wine.

By now I was too tipsy to care about photography but we had some awesome food.

Third course, still appertiser.

Kampachi a.k.a. Yellowtail (or Japanese Amberjack)

photo 5

Now this was sublime. Not so much the sauce, but the fish was supreme. According to the chef, it had just freshly arrived that afternoon itself. The tingling natural sweetness of the sashimi was playing with my tongue (that could be the wine, too). I thought it was superb with, or without the sauce. But I like my caramelised balsamic vinegar, so I wasn't complaning.

By now I was too tipsy to care about taking more photos. Wine was flowing and food just kept coming.

Some of the dishes were unforgettable.

Sashimi plate was really fresh; tuna, salmon, and oh.. specially for us, oyster.
Japanese-style Wagyu for one; divine. Especially when paired with our dry red.
Japanese imported Mochi. Love it. This was dessert.

Oh yes, how could I forget.
Japanese style foie gras.

Never had Japanese style foie gras before, but I had, this had to be it.
Sorry didn't have photo of this though. :( Such a waste.

Now they're serving this wine pairing seven course during dinner for RM168. A steal if you tell me. But maybe with less types of wines. You still get your seven tasting glasses though.

A steal if you tell me.

Mikan Japanese Cuisine
G11 Maju Junction Mall,
1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lunch (Mon-Sat): 11.30am-3pm
Dinner (Mon-Sat): 6pm-12am
Closed on Sundays

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Something Sparkly this Christmas


It's Christmas! OMG it's Christmas!
So Merry Christmas Everyone!

What's your resolution in the new year?

Mine's to be an artist! (full-time, not full-time, who knows)
Yes, just one reso.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dinner one night

I try to eat at home as much as possible.

What with the better and healthier lifestyle and whatnot. Though sometimes I do find it hard living in Malaysia where good food is just the next short drive away for take-aways.

So homecook food has to be good.

This is dinner one particular evening.

photo 1
300g steak. yum
perfectly done, medium to medium rare; just how I like it.

photo 2
grouper fish with special homemade sauce

Too much, you say?


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo – MotoGP 2010 Champion

You’ve seen the first episode of the great ELBOWZ, Ben Spies.

Now the second episode is out, featuring the 2010 Champion of MotoGP – Jorge Lorenzo.

He looks like the Scottish boy I met recently. Tee hee~

This week, motorsports@PETRONAS brings us to Barcelona, Spain (hola!) to get up close with the Yamaha Factory Team rider.

Not to mention the beautiful Julia Woon (from Blogger Boy) is the host here. See her in my favourite city in Europe!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Painting - Waves

I know I should be posting more paintings when I have them. But I've been so busy, what projects and playing sims social.

I only have one painting to show in this post. Another one is in the works, it's bigger than my usual paintings so it's taking longer to finish.

Again, you may email me at for enquiry of the painting; payment via bank-in.

no7 (waves)12x16 12_11
"Waves" 12x16 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

Here's a close up.

no7 (waves)12x16 12_11_close up
Rich strokes of various blues on canvas

My previous paintings are here if you like to see them. I've already sold four of them and the other two are still for sale. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol @ IMAX TGV Cinemas

popcorn booth

"Popcorn Royale is so nice!"

"Popcorn Royale is nicer than Garrett Popcorn!"

"Popcorn Royale is cheaper than Garrett!"

These are the three thoughts that popped in my mind, in that order, the first time I tipped one of the awfully sinful caramelised popcorn into my mouth.

royal popcorn

It was the launch of the IMAX at TGV Cinemas in Sunway Pyramid and I was there to watch the latest blockbuster movie: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.


Oh god. Tom Cruise. *drool* (we'll get to that later)

There were so many things to look forward to.

First, IMAX is here. And is staying for good. The last time and first time I ever visited an IMAX was in Times Square like eons back and I wasn't really impressed, mainly because they were showing some short film documentary that didn't really bring out what was supposed to be an impressive experience.

But everything changed that day in TGV. Oh yes. It was so bloody amazing.
We'll get to that later, too, soon, very soon.

Now I've always been a little bit crazy of fully caramelised popcorn which was impossible to find in the olden days cinema in Malaysia. But then I discovered Garrett Popcorn in a Dubai mall. It's like rediscovering your favourite candy all over again, I was estastic. And then the stores kept popping up over all Singapore. So I had only had to travel 300kms to get them instead of flying across the globe. Then they were in Malaysia. Yay!

Now I'm not paid to write this. Just want to share my own point of view. I was always a little let down by the sugar burnt aftertaste that Garrett Popcorn has, not sure if it's because Malaysia version tasted different or I forgot how my first Garrett tasted like (back in Dubai). I kinda stopped liking it for a moment.

And then TGV Cinemas introduced Popcorn Royale and it's all HEAVEN again! *sing song*

royal popcorn tins

popcorn stand

Even better, I can bring it in to a cinema to enjoy! YAY! Oh no, I'm gonna get so fat. :(

Now back to the main topic, IMAX.

imax tgv

God heavens the movie was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD in IMAX. So good I was BLOWN away in my seat the moment *spoiler alert* Dubai and the Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world) came into view on the screen.

I was flying over Dubai!


And have I mentioned I have the hots for Tom Cruise, like all over again! I used to have a major crush on the said actor when I was younger, then I stopped with the whole idolizing stars phenomena for quite a number of years (it's all growing up).

Till this movie. Oh god I'm so in love with Mr. Cruise.
Hotness x1000000000 e99.
His age made him all the more delectable.

What's up with my something with older guys? -.-
Maybe this is why.

Why was IMAX so good? Well this is my own deciphering, you can google if you want the more accurate explanation. Mine might not be entirely true but then I'm not bothered to google right now (there, I said it).

(quoated from my own fb) It's a technology where it uses digital projector instead of the usual film projector we're used to watch. Means it's crystal clear on cinema screen (like HD) and the screen is in a dome-like shape which means more 3D-effect, the screen is also way bigger to capture you into the movie, even in 2D movies. I can only assume it would be so much more amazing in 3D.

Which is why I'm going back for the 3D version once it's up. :D

club and beanie plex

The seats were comfortable. But I want to try their Beanie Plex where you get to sit on a beanie seat and watch movie, with your favourite popcorn. ^^

nicolekiss in imax cinema

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Armani Exchange Blinged Heart Top

Another sinful indulgence when I already swore off shopping for the rest of this year.

It's only this month left. How hard was it?


Walked passed Armani Exchange store in Pavilion and saw plenty of customers inside. Couldn't resist walking in.

The rest was history.

"It was on 50% discount!"

"It's only one piece!"

I argued in my head.

Le sigh. I need to strengthen my will power.

armani exchange top

W could resist a blinged heart?! @_@ T_T #I_fail

beated heart shape

Also, adore the little pockets at the bottoms. ^^

armani exchange

Ok. No more... serious.

I need to save for Tokyo.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ben Spies @ Elbowz in MotoGP

If you’re a petrol head and you love cars and racings, then you’re in luck.

Because motorsports@PETRONAS program is now available on Youtube. Each week they feature a racer/rider on their youtube channel for three episodes.

This week, it’s Ben Spies, a.k.a. Elbowz.

Ben Spies won the Superbike World Championships in 2009 and is now racing in MotoGP.

Ben Spies

You will be able to see exclusive interview with Michael Schumacher. Just stay tune.
Check out Petronas Motorsport Youtube Channel.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Victoria's Secret Haul - My Panties Resolution

I made a resolution halfway through this year that I would own 100 pairs of underwear one day very soon in the future.

I know, what an odd resolution.

It started with my best friend making a comment on her undies she owned at home. She, very proudly, declared that she owned enough panties to last her through every day of the month without changing (Yes, we share very intimate and pointless conversation, that's what girls do. Shuddup).

And oddly, to which I found impressive. And amidst the laugther, which followed, I declare back that I had a new resolution which is to own 100 pairs to allow me to last through one third of the year without changing (not that I would actually do that).

The thought, at that point, of owning enough undies to never need to worry about running out of panties to wear, ever again, was profoundly satisfying (at least to me).

So... when Victoria's Secret had a promotion on their amazing collection of panties. I flipped.

No, I flung myself to my desktop and stayed there for the next two days choosing over the collection, reading up on US sizes, types of panties (from hiphuggers to boyshorts) and hovering over hundreds of panties picking and deselecting the ones I was going to check out of the e-shopping bag with.

Two weeks ago, my parcel arrived.

It was like the first day of Christmas and I just open my presents (which I paid for myself).

I was super estastic!

Here's my haul.

victoria secret haul 2

It's not 100 pairs...

Yet. ^^

victoria secret haul

What's your quirky resolution?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2011

They say guys are easy to get. And even easier to buy presents for.

Well I beg to differ, hear me out.

photo 3(2)
Just a photo of me, in case you miss me. ^^ :p

Guys, they get what they want. Unlike girls, guys don't want a lot of things; but when they're into something, they get it when they can.

Like for example, almost all guys like gadgets.
But then again gadget is a dangerous ground (as presents).

If he can afford it, he probably had it already; if he doesn't have it, he doesn't want it.
If he wants it and can't afford it, you probably can't either.

It's not the latest, he won't be pleased. It's not what he likes, he'll leave it to collect dust.

And please don't get him some odd sweatshirt you think it'll look nice on him. He'll probably wear it once to show you and then shove it down the deepest darkest corner of the closet till it reaches Narnia. Unless, of course, he loves you enough to endure each and every agony moment of wearing it.
Or, in rare occasion, he trust your taste and let you dress him up however you want. Like Victoria on David Beckham.

You're not Victoria, he's not Beckham. Let's move on shall we?

Cut to the chase. Here's one simple rule when getting a present for a guy.

Get something he wants but doesn't need.

Admit it. Guys love things that are utterly pointless, useless and meaningless; but then fun and great to have. Like a lava lamp (or so a guy once told me). So don't get him what he needs, leave the practical things to himself (to buy), this Christmas, get him a real toy.

Waterproof MP3 player

He loves swimming and he gets bored doing it; never fear, waterproof music player is here. Speedo sells them at RM400-600 plus with the underwater earplugs.

Or get a wireless UBanana ucan waterproof mp3 player.


NU dolphin touch

Home Soda Maker

Now he can create his own soda maker. *pops the champagne*


Honestly, which wine-loving-beer-drinking-soda-addicting guy wouldn't love to add another fluid toy to their list.

Add Ribena and some vodka and voila! You have a fizzy cocktail!
Yea I know you can just buy soda water. But why buy when you can make your own?!
Don't get guys? Yea, me neither.

Wine Instant Chiller

Sophistication is your man's language. Well there's no reason to not let him be instant romantic with an instant chilling machine. Glass for two, pronto!


hand-helf version, perhaps?

Why use instant chiller when you just need to freeze it for 10 mins?
"Because we can" they'll say.

Unnecessary, but fun.

Stainless steel/Stone Whisky Chillers

Some call it stone ice cubes, or cubes drink chillers.



Done with the nuissance of diluting your whisky by adding ice cubes to it. Now you can chill your spirit the 'swag' way.

Whisky/Liquor Flask

Doesn't have to be for drinkers. The great outdoor guys would love to get their hands on one of these to fill in some water from the upstream river to drink (given the fact that these rugged-looking outdoor-loving guys understand the better things in life). Again, unnecessary, but nice to have.


Amazon Kindle

Your man likes to read? Then this would be perfect for him.


If he already has an iPad, forget about this one, unless he always complains about reading on iPads. The electronic ink is a delight to read than staring into the bright screen of smart pads all day long.

Lego set

There's nothing wrong to get a real real toy for a grown man. Let him relive his childhood for his sake.


Yes, there are guys who like building things, even when they're all grown up. What's better? Sit down with him and start assembling the whole city together, like we used to when we were five.

What do you mean you've never played Lego before? Liar.


For the metrosexual, if he looks good in a suit; by all means, buy him cufflinks.

One of those menswear piece than men usually overlooks and can never have enough.


There you have it. The best Christmas gift ideas for him this year. Now hurry out to finish up your spree before Xmas arrives.

Merry Christmas all!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Christmas Present/Gift Ideas for Her 2011

Inspired by a friend's post so thought I'd do a post of some of what I thought to be the best gift ideas for her this Christmas.

Gifting is a skill. Each year it gets more and more difficult to please woman of our days. So presents got more complicated, difficult and hard to be out of the box. Here are some of the unique presents I'd think she might find interesting and actually like.


Charms and bracelets are last season's top gifts, 2011 Xmas, we're bringing bangles in as the new charm (pun intended).


But of course that's rethorical. You can go for bracelets, watches, necklaces, or any form jewellery really. If ring is a taboo to you, there're plenty of other options for you out there. Don't be fend off by the idea of getting something sparkly for that special girl.

Bedding Set

bedding set

You'll be surprised how amazing clean linen and comforter feel; don't believe me? Wash your beddings the next time you feel down, when it's dried and back on your bed, you'll never want to leave your bed again.

New bedding does the same, only better. It's the same feeling that made you want to leap on a fresh bed everytime your check-in to your 5-star hotel room. The new and foreign but comfortng and extremely calming feel can be unrelenting.

Does she like silk? Muslin? Or Egyptian cotton (meow~) 1500 thread count (double meow~)?

Throw in a whole PJ set, slippers and all, and you would have a very snug girlfriend at night.


This is a bit old fashion but I cannot stress on this type of present enough.

This, more often than not, can go very wrong. I'm a fragrance a.k.a. perfume lover, and I have over 20 (or has it grown to 30 now?) 100ml bottles of fragrances from Marc Jacobs to Juicy Couture at home; most of which I adore, both bottle designs and scents. Few I've grown out of and few... well.. bad presents.

Guys always think it's foolproof to buy a bottle of fragrance as a present. This is true to a certain level i.e. you know the girl well or she's your girlfriend and you know what brand or type of fragrance she'd normally go for; in rare cases, you're an expert and you can score the type of fragrance that'll suit her even when it's not the usual scent she'd go for (but then you're not this type of guy, so deal with it).

Don't let me start with the number of bottles of perfumes I've received as gifts were left untouched from eons ago till this very day. Heck, the bottles weren't even nice to look at!

So yes, if you're keen on buying a perfume/fragrance; at least have the decency to get a pretty bottle to look at, just in case.

Few suggested bottles:

top perfumes
Clockwise from top left: Daisy Eau So Fresh (Marc Jacobs), Purr (Katy Perry), Lovestruck (Vera Wang), Viva La Juicy (Juicy Couture), Curious (Britney Spears)

Gift Cards

Get her a gift card from her favourite store/outlet/brand.

gift cards

It doesn't have to be a local store. Why not let her go wild online on Victoria Secret with a $150 gift card (yes US dollar). Or if she's a fan of iPhone apps, some apple store gift cards then; she could download all the game apps and music and movies she wants, guilt-free.

Other brands like Bodyshop if she's into bodycare, for book-lovers, Starbucks if you're cheap (jk!), or if you're feeling generous, a pre-loaded mastercard or visa (oh yes baby).

Warning: Anything below $50 (according to the currency of your country) might piss her off.


What can be more exciting and romantic to spend the holiday in a foreign/exotic place, just the two of you. The surprise element is more than one can bear.

Depending on how 'far' your wallet can stretch, places of interest ranges from 3d2n in Thailand (if you're from SEA) or Paris (if you're in Europe) to a week long vacation in the alps in Switzerland or Disneyland in Tokyo.


Fine. So you're really tight on budget end of this year. Don't let that deter you from giving your love one what she deserves this festive season.

Breakfast in bed to start off and hand her a 7-day voucher stating that you would do anything for her, be her house slave for the day, clean up for her, figuratively and literally. You do the imaginating.

Just an idea.

Not that hardcore? Plan a picnic, you can even go as far as faking those take-aways sandwiches as your own, who doesn't like the idea of home-cooked meals?

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