Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nobody's Online Nobody's Online

Sing it~ "Nobody's Online Nobody's Online"

Which is most probably true. Unless there's someone who's not celebrating Raya holidays that's reading this blog.

Here's to those of you.

1 half litres of sangria

Moi enjoying my 1.5 litres of Sangria in France, alone.

Let the celebration begins!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Real Alcazar de Sevilla - Seville Royal Palace

Short Note: Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends around the world. Enjoy your holidays and celebrations. I'm still sick at this point, it's been more than a week and it isn't fun :(.

Sorry if I haven't had the health or mood to blog as much lately, while I'm recovering, let me show you a wonderful palace I visited in Seville that was adorned with the most magnificient garden. It would be a perfect fit for the Raya since Mudéjar architecture was influenced by muslims of those times (of Al-Alandus).

or called the "Royal Alcazars of Seville".

You guessed it, it's the royal palace in Seville which architecture style was heavily Arabic influence - also referred to as the mudéjar architecture.

river in the palace

dome ceiling

arabic carvings

Unlike most palaces, the Real Alcazar has a rather humbling entrance as compared to its more superior interior.

second entrance

interior of Real Alcázar

fountain water

where the water leads to

The grander part.

gold panels


secret passage
the secret passage for the king to escape during an invasion

central hall
where the passage leads to

gold sphere

Some of the most intricate designs had been dedicated to its ceiling and wall. One could stare at how extravagant each ceiling or room, the amount of time and effort spent on carving them out. Each space a different design.

room with the gold sphere
wall, pillars, right up to the ceilings were covered in detailed carvings

square ceiling

fancy room

fancy ceiling

spotted gold


drinking pot
drinking station?


Here's a floorplan of the palace:

floorplan of  Real Alcázar

What struck me the most about the Alcazar was the magnificence of a courtyard and an even more impressive garden at the back. History aside, the place was a wonderful tourist or local spot for a day walk, either in its maze garden, the orange trees garden, or the luscious green garden filled with wandering peacocks and fountains.

pond and water spurting out


palm trees

garden 3

garden 2

garden maze
the maze

maze alcazar

maze road
tall trees lined in the maze

among tall bushes

secret garden
a secret garden?

two ducks
ducks in pond

the duck
I find this duck a bit eerie, looking at me like that. :S

smiley orange
smiley orange!

This put a smile on a face. If only all fruits come with a smiley face, the world would have been a better place.

pair of oranges
beautiful orange in the orange trees garden

orange tree

Spotted a dungeon looking area with water-filled tunnel. Looked it up online and found that it was called the Baths of Lady María de Padilla, who was supposed to be the mistress of the Peter the Cruel. The other story was that she was known for her purity for defending against the advances of the king, hence the bath.


What's CREEPY about this place, after looking at the photo lately, while resizing it, I realised I had a similar dream about a place exactly like this, a dungeon filled with water and I was swimming under water towards a very deep space within, which was supposed to open up to a darker cave that held treasures and other mysteries I was trying to unfold.

And I totally forgot about this place and this photo until I wanted to blog about it. And the dream happened like a couple of months back. But now that I'm looking at this, it bears an uncanny resemblence to that dream of mine, only that the water dungeon was much bigger, and darker, and deeper.


r alcazar


found myself in some tower bridge that splitted across two gardens. I wondered what it was for. Perhaps for princesses and the king to overlook the garden without getting out of the palace?

There were a lot of artists in the greender side of the garden painting and sketching.

painter 1

Made the place filled with artistic vibe.

painter 2
cut and paste?

painter 3

Why don't I see artistic people in our park? :(
It's such a great feeing.

Oh, and I stalked a peacock. :D


peacock 2

So pwweetty~

I waited half an hour for them to fan out their tails but they didn't. :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sick Hiatus

look of health!

I think I am going to die.

I've been so ill and drowning in dry coughs since last Thursday and it never seems to heal.

You know the feeling of drowning in dry coughs right? It's like you coughed so much and so vigorously that you couldn't breathe anymore and you though you were going to cough to your death.

That's how I felt last night, the whole night.

And now I have two eye infections, fml, instead of one since three days ago.

I can't seem to do anything, or even sleep. I tried switching the aircond off but then even the fan was killing me.

In fact, it has gotten to a point where even the still air was killing me.

Had many types of meds thus far, just had a stronger med prescribe to me today. Hope that works to just help me SLEEEEEEP tonight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Girls' Generation - Uncle Version

Bands in Korea and Japan are just getting bigger and bigger.

It's no longer four or five in a group. Those are so yester-year.

Which is why Girls Generation is the new fad now.

Have you seen their most popular song 'Gee'? There are two popular video versions.

Here is the dance version.

Now have you seen the uncle version?

It's so funny can die.

The scary thing is, it's actually pretty good. :O

Girls' Generation is a nine-member South Korean girl group (can't be called band when it's that big, lol) formed by S.M. Entertainment.

The group started in 2007 and suddenly shot to fame in 2009 with the first single 'Gee' that year topping all digital music charts breaking a record for nine consecutive wins on Music Bank, among other many tops and achievements.

first single

the teaser poster that went crazy in Seoul in 2008